In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey, we are #TexasStrong, #HoustonStrong, #HCLStrong

Hurricane Harvey has cause much devastation to Houston families and businesses in the 4th largest city in the USA, as well as the outlying counties and out to Louisiana.  We are grateful to the military, the first responders, medical professionals and all the volunteers, both local neighbors and those who came from other cities and states to help with rescue and recovery! 

We mourn the loss of Sgt. Perez and all who lost their lives during this hurricane. And we realize the repercussions of this Harvey are far from over.On August 29th, ABC 13, a key news media channel keeping the public informed during the hurricane, tweeted yet another heroic story with the powerful caption: #Harvey has taken a lot, but it will NEVER take our humanity...."

The Houston Coalition for Life office with the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center where we teach the Curriculum of Life Program, did experience some flooding and will be closed through Labor Day.   The Big Blue Bus is back on the road and parked outside of the huge Planned Parenthood abortion facility today, taking walk-in's until 2pm and leaving at 3pm.

At Houston Coalition for Life we hope and pray that YOUR family has not be harmed by this hurricane! 

As we learn of needs from specific clients, we will let you know via facebook and email!

Amidst all the heroic professional and volunteer work around the city, we know with Houston Coalition for Life Board members and Staff will come together with YOU to continue to help those in need, both those born and unborn! 

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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