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Six Ambulances Leaving PPGC in 6 Weeks! Are ASC standards enough? Part II

March 19, 2015

Abortion, one of the most blatant attacks upon humanity, has been repeatedly covered up and shrouded under the guise of "health care" and "reproductive rights." 

The objective of abortion is the ending of the life of an innocent unborn child.  Women walk away wounded emotionally and often physically. 

Even now the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans is looking over HB2, with one of the concerns being: Is it too burdensome for the abortion facilities to maintain ASC standards? Should locations where surgical procedures are being done have BASIC standards of care as any other surgical facility?  

Perhaps, Ambulatory Surgical Center Standards are not only necessary - they are NOT enough!

Just this week, out from the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere, we saw the 6th woman in just 6 weeks being rushed out on a gurney to a waiting ambulance!  And this facility is no back alley abortion facility.  This is Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast's Ambulatory Surgical Center!  

Abortion is not "normal" and it is NOT safe.  The objective of abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent child and a woman ends up wounded emotion and sometimes physically as a result of the procedure. 

Only through engaging in both PRAYER and ACTION will we see abortion ended!

We must all pray for those involved.  We must pray for the protection of the unborn child and for their mothers. We must also pray for a conversion of all who work in the abortion industry as well as anyone who has directly or indirectly participated in an abortion.  We pray for their repentance and healing. 


Houston Coalition for Life has been posting about these ambulances on our Facebook as each one came out of the abortion facility....Now finally we have the 911 calls!!!
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Six ambulances seen in Six weeks leaving PPGC: 911 Calls 

On Tuesday, March 10th, the very day that we received the other 911 calls, we saw yet another ambulance leave Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast.  We just received the 911 calls yesterday evening, and now you can listen to each for yourself.

Note that each record sounds like a botched abortion. And each call has key phrases that mark the unnamed ABORTION procedure. 
These key phrases include IV access, vaginal bleeding, the procedure, and of course the need for help at Suite 300, which is where the abortion procedures are performed.

The word "abortion" has quite a stigma.  Even girls who call in for abortions are likely to substitute the different word or phrase.  They often ask about appointments for "a procedure" or how much to "terminate a pregnancy." The very word is difficult for them to say because the concept is totally against their very nature as a woman, and their current reality as a mother.  

Also, the entire ectopic pregnancy situation begs the question: why was a woman suffering from an ectopic pregnancy even at Planned Parenthood?  Abortion does not fix an ectopic pregnancy.  Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast can not do the surgery needed during an ectopic pregnancy.  So why was she in the building? Was she an employee or a volunteer at the facility? In any case please pray for her.   

Please keep all of the individuals who were rushed to the hospital in your prayers.



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