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Making a List, Checking it Twice

by Luke at Houston Coalition for Life
December 18, 2015

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I'd like to be early, and wish y'all a very Merry Christmas!
As for the Houston Coalition for Life, we only have one thing on our wish list:

Whether it's sponsoring a few days on the Blue Bus for $250.00.
(For those who have everything, but would appreciate the honor and generosity of the gift.)
If it's $25 (or more) a month, because you
(And because giving girls the TRUTH and REAL choices is important, )
Or if you are able, a larger gift.
(Because property, appreciable stock and securities, or other assets can be tax deductions as well.)
If you are updating your will, perhaps you could consider including Houston Coalition for Life.  
(After all, what better legacy than saving innocent life from the horror of an unnecessary demise, or a woman from a tragic mistake?)

Jesus values the generosity of each heart, and the life of each little one that He creates.
Also, consider that your employer might match your donation... ask your boss, HR department, or click here. to find out how to help us twice as much, for free.  Or feel free to email me, below.
As Christmas and New Year's celebrations approach, Be merry.  Be happy!  Be Generous.  Be Loving!

And consider that...

May God bless all of you 
and your families,
Luke Stuckey
Houston Coalition for Life

We appreciate your generous contribution in advance; you can donate by clicking HERE!
Or if you have any questions please contact Luke@HoustonCoalition.com

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