A community that loves, respects, and protects every human life from conception until natural death.


Ending abortion in Houston... peacefully and prayerfully.

Our History

The Houston Coalition for Life (HCL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2002 with a mission of ending abortion in Houston. HCL offers hope and encouragement to expectant mothers who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

Tragically, many women facing a crisis pregancy consider abortion because they feel trapped and they do not know about the assistance in the community. When shown life-affirming resources, especially the ultrasound, where they see the life residing within them, their minds and hearts are changed. We encourage each expectant mother to choose life by introducing her to her unborn child through a free ultrasound and by counseling her on the life choices available.

In 2011, we launched the first mobile pregnancy center in Texas, Big Blue which is parked across the street from Planned Parenthood on I45. In 2014, we launched Baby Blue which is parked in Midtown near a former abortion facility. In 2022, we launched our third bus, the Little One, which is parked on N. Shepherd in The Heights.

Our main office on T.C. Jester also offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, and it also houses our Maternal Assistance Program and Curriculum of Life Program. New and expectant mothers who need our help are offered weekly classes on Parenting, Natural Family Planning, Breastfeeding, and other life skills needed to nurture mother and child. We provide diapers to our moms for each class they attend, as well as other baby items.

Since we launched Big Blue -- our first mobile crisis pregnancy center -- we have helped more than 14,581 moms to choose life for their unborn child following a visit to one of our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers.

Thanks be to God!

The Extraordinary Impact of Our Work

Since we launched Big Blue in 2011, we have 31,397 visits to the Big Blue Bus.
Of the moms with positive pregnancy tests,  92.5% chose life and continued their pregnancies to full term.

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