40 Days for Life starts in ONE WEEK!

It's hard to believe that 40 Days for Life is just ONE week away!

As part of the Houston Coalition for Life year round Stand & Pray Program these 40 Days for Life are a great time to unite with groups around the world through the International 40 Days for Life!  They are launching into their largest campaign in their history: 415 locations around the world! 

Here in Houston we see the RESULTS of how God has used prayer on the sidewalk outside of the abortion facility to SAVE LIVES every single day! 

Just during 40 DAYS FOR LIFE - HOUSTON last Spring: over 150 women chose LIFE! 

The Big Blue Bus (Houston Coalition for Life’s mobile crisis pregnancy center outside Planned Parenthood's abortion facility) had 302 visits from clients. Some were follow up visits. 

For the 173 New Clients, 154 had positive pregnancy tests and 2 were abortion minded and 1 was undecided, which means...

98% of these mothers chose life!

We are certain there are even more women who have chosen life because not every woman who changes her mind will go to the Big Blue Bus. AND many clients of Big Blue only visit and choose life after THEY SEE SOMEONE PRAYING on the sidewalk! 

Please sign up to come out to pray for an end to abortion and be that peaceful, legal, prayerful witness that ALL LIFE IS SACRED!

As you will see from the calendar a number of groups have signed up to sponsor a day of prayer. You are welcome to join one of the 36 groups or to help fill the gaps. (We will need help on Oct 1st, if you are available)

Make sure to sign up by contacting Theresa@houstoncoalition.com!

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