911 Call at Planned Parenthood

In mid-February, our Stand & Pray volunteers saw an ambulance outside of Planned Parenthood.  You can listen to the 911 call for yourself and listen to other 911 calls at http://houstoncoalition.org/911-calls

911 Call from Planned Parenthood on Feb 18, 2020: https://youtu.be/qBPLlpRP0lU

A woman on the third floor, where abortions are done, was suffering from the complication of her abortion: hemorrhaging! Hemorrhaging is a rather common complication because of abortion because of the sharp instruments used to cut the baby away from the safety of their mother.  

We must remember the law is meant to help protect the vulnerable...

The chance that the abortionist could accidentally harm the pregnant woman with the curette or the forceps used during the abortion procedure and the resulting importance of the abortionist to have hospital admitting privileges so they can follow up with other medical professionals when she needs to be transferred from the abortion facility to the hospital is JUST ONE of the many reasons that the US Supreme Court's ruling on June Medical Services v Russo will have critical implications.

We expect to have a ruling in June 2020 from the US Supreme Court regarding Louisiana Act 620, written by African American, female, Democrat Katrina Jackson. This act would require Louisiana doctors to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of where they do the abortions. (The added complications caused by the disgusting "medical practice" of Louisiana's Leroy T Brinkley at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge are yet another example of why this new Louisiana Law should be maintained.  Abortion is not safe for women no matter how sterilized, and Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge was far from sanitary.)

And we also expect that abortion advocates will continue to work against this bill, because they would rather risk women's lives than risk overturning Roe v Wade itself, which would allow for the abortion debate to be returned to the states.

We pray our US Supreme Court Justices recognize the current science and current understanding of legal "personhood" that CAN be legally attributed to the pre-born child.

Please note:

Today Planned Parenthood of I45 had both gates open, and they claim to not be taking walk-in appointments.

As pro-lifers we are also aware of how critical it is to care for the older generation and all  that will be more susceptible to being harmed by catching the Coronavirus.  

IF you want to come to the sidewalk to pray for an end to abortion, please make sure you spread yourself out. Please no physical contact. And please sign our Statement of Peace (Click here to see it.) and email it into Clare@houstoncoalition.com or Theres@houstoncoalition.com

You can be polite by waving if you want, but please focus on prayer. If you feel you are at risk of catching Covid-19, please pray from home and let us know you are setting aside that hour of prayer for an end to abortion. Contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com, and we will include you in the statistical numbers we plan to put out at the end of this 40 Days for Life prayer campaign that concludes on April 5,2020.

Thank you to each of the individuals that came Life that came out on Wednesday, March 18th and sponsored the 22nd day of the 40 Days for Life!  

YOU can sign up to pray outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere on our vigil website or by emailing clare@houstoncoalition.com


On Wednesday, we were blessed to have

8 visits to our Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Of these visits,

4 had a positive pregnancy test,

3 had a negative test and

1 came for a follow up visit.

Of those new pregnant women who visited

Big Blue and Baby Blue, 1 is still considering abortion

and 3 women chose life for their babies!

Please keep all of the women we serve in your prayers!

All praise and glory to God!

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