A baby was saved at the Big Blue Bus!

Big Blue is back out on the road and offering free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds outside of Planned Parenthood!  We are happy to be outside of Planned Parenthood again and ready to help even more pregnant moms to choose life for their unborn babies.

We wanted to share a story from of one of the moms who had visited the Big Blue Bus and had her baby before Covid-19.  The young single mom went to a doctor for her high-risk pregnancy. She was told that they couldn’t see the baby and she was offered a pill to take.

She didn’t take the pill, but talked with the father of the baby.   He brought her to the Big Blue Bus because he wanted their baby to live. Though she didn’t see her baby, she continued to not take the pill, even while she wasn’t clear about what the pill was for.

When she was returned to her doctor, the doctor encouraged her to abort.  The doctors did some testing and when everything came back fine, the doctors said there would likely be something wrong with the baby. Throughout the pregnancy the doctor continued to encourage abortion, and the young woman continued to refuse that option.

The young woman’s water broke, and she had an emergency C-section to a preemie-baby. Now this little one is at home and just growing and growing and smiling and doing well.

We are so grateful her mama chose life!

If you would like to be a part of this life-saving work, you can support us as a Sponsor, a Runner or a Walker during our Run/Walk for Life 2020! Learn more at: http://houstoncoalition.org/events/runwalkforlife2020

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