A New Game Changer is in the works!

[Text from an email sent July 22, 2021]

A NEW addition to the Blue Blossom Fleet is coming to H-Town!

At our Annual Benefit Dinner last April, attendees got to be a part of that ground breaking moment when Christine Melchor, Executive Director of the Houston Coalition for Life, announced our plans to launch our 3rd mobile crisis pregnancy center!

The standing ovations and thunderous applause from one of the largest audiences we have seen at our Benefit Dinner, has only been outdone by the generosity of prayer and influx of contributions that have allowed Houston Coalition for Life to take this first step in launching the new addition to the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers!

Thanks to many generous donors,

Houston Coalition for Life has PURCHASED a beautiful van:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Extended Version)!


to our current Blossom Pregnancy Centers: Big Blue, Baby Blue and the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center office!

This new mobile crisis pregnancy center is to be uniquely designed like Big Blue and Baby Blue: constructed from an existing vehicle with the inside retrofitted and outside professionally wrapped.

Its compact design will allow enough room for Houston Coalition for Life staff to offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds and yet small enough to more easily maneuver into tighter parking spaces and more difficult locations. We will be able to offer pregnant women more assistance in choosing life and rejecting abortion as we situate ourselves outside yet another abortion facility.

At our current Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers,

we have seen 11,055 women choose life for their babies, at a rate of 92%! (See stats chart here,)

We can't wait to see how many women and babies God will save as we get the new addition on the road and the pregnant moms have a chance to see their baby via ultrasound and learn of the network of helpful resources for both mom and baby!!

At Houston Coalition for Life, we care for both no matter what!

Know people who would like to be part of these initial vital stages of launching the new mobile crisis pregnancy center? Have them sign up for emails or contact us to make a donation and, as in all things, please pray.


To the work of Houston Coalition for Life

...ending abortion in Houston peacefully and prayerfully!

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