Addressing Roe v Wade's deadly affects

Today, is the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a deadly decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that brought about the legal killing of over 60 million unborn children and caused tremendous harm to their mothers .  

Today, people came together here in Houston,and throughout this nation, to pray for an end to abortion. Abortion...a medical attack on the most innocent...a betrayal of women in their hour of need...a cultural act of despair.

So many pregnant women are looking at abortion as a way out of a crisis. Many others, for one reason or another, want to hit a “reset button" and “move on with their lives.” Sadly, those who do have an abortion find out too late that abortion is a very invasive procedure that affects their body in such a way that they cannot “just forget” and it can cause major damage them physically and emotionally. Abortion always harms them spiritually. Even if they were able to go through this procedure without sensing the loss of their child, there is another human life involved – a human whose life, whose chance of growing up and making their own positive choices in this world, has been stolen from them.  

For those women who are post-abortive and who regret their decision, we recognize that many felt coerced or they felt at the time that they had "no other choice" - and we mourn with them and we recommend locations for them to find healing in Christ.  For those who claim they don’t regret, today,pro-lifers mourn in their stead because every child was created by God with a purpose and every child is loved.  

Sometimes the sheer number of abortions can appear overwhelming, but what is essential is keeping in mind that these unborn AND their mothers are PEOPLE. They are individuals who need to be assisted in this moment of crisis so that a viable option for both to grow and improve can be achieved.  (It is also important to remember that those advocating and providing abortions are people too, and we encourage them to quit working for the abortion industry and use their God-given talents to actually work for the health of women in a way that does not destroy.)  

So at Houston Coalition for Life, we organize prayer outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere, not only on Jan 22, but year-round.  At Houston Coalition for Life, we train sidewalk counselors to peacefully approach individuals who are about to enter the Planned Parenthood Property. And we encourage them to go to our Big Blue Bus that offers free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and resources.

Of the women that come to our Big Blue Bus, over 90% choose life!

Since our opening of the Big Blue Bus in 2011, we have seen over 7,200 women choose life!

Still the reality is, we would be ready to help these moms on the Big Blue Bus and through our Curriculum of Life Program at our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center office, EVEN after abortion is made illegal.  

While we thank God for the opportunity to reach out these women one-on-one, person-to-person and to offer them assistance at such a critical moment in their life, we look forward to the day when the deadly option of abortion is not legal – when death is not something a pregnant woman will be tempted by as she takes steps to stabilize and build a life for herself… and her baby!  We look forward to focusing completely on her health and her future without worrying about her being on one of the ambulances that we see transporting these girls to a hospital after a botched abortion, wondering if she will be the next person to file a complaint for financial fraud or a medical complication; wondering if she will end up the next victim of the corruption within the abortion industry.

At Houston Coalition for Life, we stay involved - we pray and we work - because we “Care for Both (mother and child)! No Matter What!”

Thank you to everyone who came out to pray with us today as we mourned the children and their mothers who were victims of abortion, and we celebrated those whose lives were spared from abortion, even those children born to parents who would never think of aborting!

Thank you to those who rallied and gave voice for those who can not speak for themselves during the March for Life in DC! Thank you to those who unite at rallies in cities all over this nation during the month of January - including the March for Life in Austin, TX this coming Saturday!

Thank you to everyone who will be joining us in being a peaceful, legal, prayer presence outside of the abortion facility and who will continue to be involved so that all innocent human life will be protected under the law from the very moment of conception.

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