Addressing the New Abortion Provider in Houston

There is a new threat to women’s health in Houston! On the morning of June 14th, you will have the opportunity to do something to publicly raise awareness, address this new abortion provider, and begin to offer women practical life-affirming solutions outside of the new abortion provider that just opened, Wednesday, May 29, 2019.  

Abortion is not safe for women!  Whether we are looking at the RU486 chemical abortion or the surgical abortion, we know for the abortion procedure to have been “successful,” the unborn child dies.  And the child is not the only person who is harmed by abortion.  Many women suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually after an abortion.  While groups like the Elliott Institute continue to put forward scientific studies on Post Abortion Syndrome and the negative effects of abortion on women, Houston Coalition for Life sees the damaging effects of abortion in our day-to-day interaction with clients and volunteers who suffer tremendous regret as a result of their abortions.  We also have records of over 25 ambulances leaving Houston abortion facilities taking people to a hospital.

Aiming to protect women from the pain and regret following abortion and also keenly aware that an unborn child’s life is at stake, Houston Coalition for Life offers free pregnancy tests,ultrasounds and practical assistance to women outside of 3 abortion facilities in Houston: Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere), Houston Women’s Clinic (the busiest abortion facility in Houston),and Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center (the facility run by the longest standing abortionist).

We offer hope and practical assistance to pregnant women who think they have no way out of a crisis except to do the unthinkable. As a result, we have seen over 7200 women choose life!

Beginning next week, we will expand our Stand & Pray Program to have a prayer presence outside of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services, which opened on May 29, 2019.  This new abortion provider advertises the RU486 chemical abortion up to 10 weeks into the pregnancy.  The pristine, 6 story office building, full of legitimate businesses, will now also be the place where pregnant women will initiate the process of ending the life of their child. We invite, pro-lifers to join us in providing a “safe-space” for her and her child!  We invite you to join us fora time of prayer, passing out materials and letting people in the building know the horror that has moved into their building and the solutions in the community.  

The new abortion provider, armed with a surgical license, offers the RU486 chemical abortion up to 10 weeks.  We know the baby has a heartbeat, brainwaves, and responds to touch within that time frame. We can look at A Women’s Right to Know, a medical document issued by the State of Texas and refer to explanations given by former abortionist Dr. Levantino, to see what happens with the RU486 chemical abortion.  The woman will take the first pill, mifepristone, at the abortionist’s office. This first deprives the baby of the necessary progesterone and basically ends the baby’s life by starving the baby of oxygen.  Then 24-48 hours later, the woman will take misoprostol, which causes her body to expel the baby.  Often doctors will require a two week follow up and then remove any remains of the baby using a D&C (Dilation and Curettage) procedure so that the woman does not undergo an infection.  

While the website of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services, like many other websites, describes the entire process as very similar to a heavy period, the reality is excruciating.  Many women who take the RU486, describe fear that they would actually die from the pain.   We can also look to the movie Unplanned,that shares the personal true story of Abby Johnson, a key voice in the pro-life movement, and her horrific experience of undergoing a chemical abortion.

When a woman thinks that her only way out of a bad situation is to end the life of her child, whether through a procedure or a chemical abortion, it’s a sign that society is failing women.  We cannot find freedom and equality by ending the life of a human being who is inconvenient or who is not wanted by their mother.  

So we encourage YOU, as a pro-life,pro-child, pro-woman voice, to come join our Prayer Vigil and be a part of a continued Stand & Pray Program as we work protect women and their children from the devastation of abortion!



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