Addressing Violence without Rioting

The right to take a stand and peacefully assemble, the ability to raise our voices for a cause is a beautiful and effective part of the American culture. When we exercise our 1st Amendment Right of free speech to address actions of violence, we can peacefully bring about cultural change. The peace is kept because we are a moral people with SELF-CONTROL and we focus on a SOLUTION to the problem.

The violence is not ignored nor excused, but the focus needs to be on practical progress being made to overcome it. The focus must be pro-active and highlight a memory that we can be inspired to carry on.

What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was terrible. Even if he was guilty of intentionally spending a fake $20, he was not resisting arrest and action of the police officer who knelt on is neck for almost 9 minutes is unjustified. Floyd, a man respected and loved by the 3rd Ward community in Houston, died from a combination of health issues and injuries caused during his arrest by 4 Minneapolis, Missouri police officers. The actions of the 4 officers undermine the intensive work law enforcement put forward to build trust in the community.

Even still a "dirty Cop" or a handful of them doesn't make all of Law Enforcement Officers bad. The Minneapolis police officers' violent lethal act that ended the life of man, and even any form of undercurrent of racism, does NOT justify the rioting taking place around the country. Sadly the lives being harmed are the businesses and the homes of people who have NOTHING to do with what happened to Floyd.

Those who knew Floyd in Houston and the attorney working with his family have said that Floyd would be very upset with the destruction that this rioting is doing.

Questions are being raised as the actual intentions behind the violence and videos have come out showing Antifa groups as paying people to protest.

How starkly different this "protesting" and rioting is from the heart of George Floyd and how starkly different that those who legally, peacefully take a stand against violence.

Over the decades since 1973, Pro-lifers have addressed the violence of abortion peacefully by unifying in a celebration of life. From the hundreds of thousands of people that gather at the nation's capital every January to the prayerful standing outside of abortion facilities, there is a voice that addresses the violence of abortion with the prayerful, healing recognition of the sanctity of human life. The focus is not on the the death of the child, the focus is on those saved from abortion, those offering help to women facing crisis pregnancies, those who converted and are no longer working in the abortion industry.

We are fully aware that African American lives are targeted by the abortion industry. In New York, there were more black babies being aborted than born for years. Fortunately the tide is changing and now that is no longer the case.

Now the question will become who will help stop those who are attacking the innocent? Will more African American's "get off the Plantation" with Star Parker? Who will help them to see with Candice Owen's the reality that we had a Black Male President, we have Black women and men in all our levels of Government, Military, Doctors, Lawyers, as well as strong Preachers, Technicians, Teachers, Musicians. Their talents are not in any way limited to sports.

The question is WHO is rioting? Because clearly all the education, scholarships (not just sports), and achievements are forgotten in the wake of a death.

Yet the death of an pre-born child (whether they are Black or White or Asian or any other race) is wrongfully being encouraged under the name of "Choice" by those who are so focused on financial success they have forgotten the importance and sacredness of EVERY individual! The importance and value of each individual is endowed upon them by the Creator. Every person is created in the Image and Likeness of God!

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