Announcing 40 Churches for 40 Days

Announcing 40 Churches for 40 Days!

Do you realize what happened TODAY, Oct 4, 2017, a 40 Days for Life day that did not have a group officially sponsor?

Today we were pro-life eyes for the public: It is the second day in a row that we have seen ambulances outside of Planned Parenthood!  

Today we were a peaceful witness to those being sold the lies of this abortion chain.  We saw a bus load of professionals enter the building with the sign HISD 4068 on the outside of the charter bus. One of them cussed at a sidewalk counselor who had just said, "Good morning." And the sidewalk counselor responded peacefully with, "We have free assistance for women." 

Today we were able to re-direct women to life affirming assistance in the community.  There were individuals and a church group that these pregnant women could see and a new sidewalk counselor redirected a girl to help on the Big Blue Bus on her first day!  Today we encourage you prayerfully considering being involved even outside of the popular 40 Days for Life as Houston Coalition for Life launches

If we can get 40 groups to commit to a minimum of 3 hours out on the sidewalk on a weekday, every other month, the entire year will be covered in prayer!  For more details please email  

Blog Post written by:
Theresa Camara
Program Director
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