Be a Lifeline of Hope!

You are a lifeline of hope! In a world that has so many problems, random shootings and so much despair, it is a treasure to be a part of a pro-life community that shows respect, love and peace in the work against the violence of abortion.  It is also a gift for those of us who are Christian to be able to look to God and recognize our Creator, our Savior, and the one who Sanctifies us!  

When these pregnant women are tempted to abort, they are not looking for a surgery, they are looking for a way out of a crisis.  While they are in panic mode, they are not necessarily looking for a Savior because they feel abandoned.One of our staff members spoke with a girl who was post abortive and was wondering if she was currently pregnant.  During the peer-counseling session, she shared that she had not wanted an abortion, but she had no support. She said there was no one on the sidewalk, but "if there had been I don't know what I would have done.  I just wanted one person, just one, to tell me could do it - I could have my baby."  

As Members of the Body of Christ, we can offer the practical and spiritual aid to these pregnant girls.  We know what it is to suffer, to seek out help and to trust in a God who will make a way.  That is one of the reasons why this ministry of prayer for an end to abortion, attracts so many people of faith to come offer assistance!

Because most of the women going into the Planned Parenthood are Christian, your prayerful presence speaks volumes to them without even saying a word.  Your silent prayerful witness could be their lifeline back to hope. They might not want to talk you to you, but they know you are there and they know you cared enough to take time out of your day, in this very busy culture, and you choose to show up and pray. 

As a result of prayer outside of abortion facilities, thousands of girls are choosing life! Here in Houston we have seen over 5800 women have chosen life for their baby in the shadow of the Planned Parenthood!

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