Celebrating the results of 40 Days for Life and launching into 40 Churches for 40 Days!

Celebrating the results of 40 Days for Life and launching into 40 Churches for 40 Days!

Nov 6, 2017

As we conclude this 2017 Fall 40 Days for Life and launch into the 40 Churches for 40 Days, we have so much to be thankful for!  At Houston Coalition for Life, we are grateful to each of the individuals who took on the  personal challenge to volunteer and/or lead groups out to pray for an end to abortion. The fruits of this campaign even in the wake of Harvey have been amazing! 

During this 40 Days for Life, there were 33 churches or groups directly involved!  And four groups that were not directly involved but came out to pray along with us on the sidewalk!  There were also people who were continuing to pray at the second location where we hold Stand & Pray and have resources available on Baby Blue.   

Thanks to YOUR partnership with HCL's Big Blue Bus  during this prayer campaign, 95% of of the women who received an ultrasound chose life!!   

We were blessed to have 268 visits on the Big Blue Bus.   Of the women who came, 54 had negative pregnancy tests.Of the 130 women who had new pregnancies,124 of them chose life,  1 was undecided and 5 were still leaning toward abortion.   

We handed out so much literature, and people who were not even pregnant chose not to enter the abortion facility, but looked over the resources to go to actual health facilities! Compared to previous prayer campaigns, we observed that there were a lot of men driving in and more people who appeared to be there for meetings.  

Yet one of the things that remained the same was the need for that personal one-on-one interaction.   With 40 Days for Life concluding, we begin:  

To qualify as one of the official groups, YOU can lead out a group to pray for 3 hours-12 hours on a weekday every other month, with a minimum commitment of continuing through Dec 2018 (That means committing to come out a minimum of 7x - if you start in November or December of 2017).         Thank you to those individuals and those groups who have already committed to coming out as part of our 40 Churches for 40 Days for Life.  Your prayers are definitely needed and appreciated!   

To join, please contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com!

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