Christmas Celebration with Houston Coalition for Life

Come celebrate with us at Houston Coalition for Life in the anticipation of the Birthday of Jesus! Come see the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center were we celebrate the power of God’s grace as we pursue a mission that draws pregnant moms away from the danger of abortion and to the assistance leading up to her own child’s birth.

We encourage our Life Partners and all current and potential donors to come see the program that YOU make possible and successful - where pregnant moms in crisis find hope and a gentle Christian-based experience of transformation! 

Walk through one of our Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Centers where so many girls’ hearts and minds are changed when they view their baby on the ultrasound.  The image of the baby on the large flat screen, combined with hearing the heartbeat, the explanation of the baby’s development by our ultrasonographer, and the confidential counseling and practical resources in the community, tailor a powerful message for each pregnant woman. Is it any wonder that over 90% of the women who visit the Big Blue Bus choose life?!

Tour the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center’s classroom where we offer the Curriculum of Life!  Even as our clients blossom with their pregnancy, we watch our moms blossom as they become more equipped for skills regarding a healthy pregnancy, parenting skills, and addressing relationship issues so they will have a more stabilized future.  At this point, our clients are bringing their pregnant friends as new clients to take the classes as well!

Come see how God is using the work of Houston Coalition for Life to build a community that respects human life from that moment of conception!


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