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A sidewalk counselor shared a story of when she had recently been praying outside of the huge Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere.

A pregnant woman, who was from another country, far from her home across the world, was making her way toward the Planned Parenthood abortion facility. As the sidewalk counselor spoke with her, the pregnant woman smiled and apologized that her English was not very good. The sidewalk counselor said, "That is ok," and she kept encouraging her to get to the Big Blue Bus operated by the Houston Coalition for Life; on the Big Blue Bus, women can receive free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and free resources for pregnant moms.

The sidewalk counselor begged her not to go into the Planned Parenthood. "I don't usually cry, but I began crying with this one," she recounted.

As the pregnant woman entered the parking lot, the sidewalk counselor was pained: "I just knew I was so close (to getting the woman to change her mind, and not be at risk of an abortion)." The sidewalk counselor had to leave not long after that, but she found out from another sidewalk counselor who was there with her that day: the pregnant woman never went into the Planned Parenthood. The pregnant woman had sat for a very longtime outside of the abortion facility and then left without going in.

That very HUMAN INTERACTION bridged a language barrier. Our body language conveys that we care and we sincerely do not want any more women hurt by abortion. It is essential that we convey a totally legal, peaceful and prayerful defense of the women and their unborn children against the abortion industry.

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