Do you believe in Divine Intervention?

The actions God takes to intervene can easily be overlooked at times; but when a variety of events all line up, there can be no other explanation than that God is at work to save us while still preserving our free will.

This week, two sidewalk counselors were standing outside of the giant Planned Parenthood abortion facility on a rather cool Houston winter morning. A woman with her daughter in the car pulled up and rolled down their window before entering the abortion facility's parking lot. The young pregnant mom had been to the Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound two weeks prior and after seeing her baby on the ultrasound, she had gone back and forth debating for two weeks about whether or not to abort. She was returning that day to begin the two day process of a second trimester abortion.

The sidewalk counselor talked with the young woman about the abortion procedure, the emotional and physical complications that can follow abortion, and also spoke about the development of the baby, their dignity and how precious both mother and child are in God's Divine plan.

Beginning to shake, the mother said that she had seen this abortion facility in the news and that it was being investigated for the sale of baby parts. She said the very thought made her sick to her stomach. She was upset that they were there, but she wanted her daughter to know that she loved her and she wanted to be with her whatever she did.

As they drove into the parking lot, the sidewalk counselor's heart sank. She focused on prayer and she saw the girl walk into the abortion facility, then walk out of the abortion facility and then walk back into the abortion facility.

Within a few minutes the mom and the pregnant girl came walking out of the parking lot to the sidewalk counselor, they both smiled as they made their way over. "Two road blocks" had helped them to determine they would need to rethink things. The girl had forgotten her ID and her mom had accidentally locked her keys in her vehicle. So with no way to get an abortion nor immediately leave, they had opted to come see what could be offered on the Big Blue Bus.

Now more open to talk, the story began to come out:

Young and believing herself in love, she and her high school boyfriend had gotten pregnant. He was now encouraging her to abort, as he had done with prior girlfriend.

The pregnant girls' mom had been a teen mom who had gone through a crisis pregnancy center and given birth to the pregnant mom's older sibling. Now she wanted to help her daughter to choose life! 

At this point, please continue to pray for this pregnant mom. Before a woman can physically abortion, she must mentally, emotionally and spiritually abort her child. The process of reviving the love for the child, does not always happen immediately.

Even still, with the timing of events in this girls life, there is no doubt that this child is not an accident and her circumstances are not an accident. For one, she has guiding help from her mother who wants to help her daughter after she herself was a teen mom. Secondly, she had two "road blocks" that prevented her from being able to abort and encouraged her to get on the Big Blue Bus for assistance on the very day her abortion was scheduled. Third, she spoke with a sidewalk counselor (who is not always there) who was able to interact with her and redirect her the Big Blue Bus where she could get more stabilizing help in the community. There are many little things that show she should not abort.

We continue to pray for this young woman to choose what will be freeing for all involved, including her unborn child!

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