Dr. Wen, will you realize that ABORTION is NOT healthcare?

Dr. Leana Wen, currently Health Commissioner of Baltimore City, Maryland, will soon take the arguably far lower title of President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

It is likely, that as a physician, Dr. Wen would be very concerned about a woman suffering because of a botched abortion. No one likes to see a woman suffering following abortion. NO ONE!

Perhaps, even while the abortion is common in her native Chinese culture, she has forgotten how many of her peers were not even allowed to be born BECAUSE they were FEMALE! Does she realize that because she was born before the one-child policy was changed in 2015*, she is lucky to even be alive?

In her opening message to the public**, Dr. Leana speaks of a woman who she was treated at a hospital because the patient tried to perform an abortion on herself at home. Is it possible that the woman had attempted an abortion through the use of the RU486? Or perhaps she had attempted something far less "sanitary"? Does Dr. Wen realize that Planned Parenthood PUSHES telemed abortions***, where the woman takes the abortion pills at home? Has she been following the reports of complications and hospitalizations as a result of women taking this abortion inducing drug? What are the chances that this patient, herself, was the victim of misinformation on the RU486?

Even while telemed abortions are illegal here in the state of Texas, will Dr. Leana ignore the 7 ambulances at have whisked women away from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston just in 2018? Would she be surprised that the 911 call center is not releasing all the calls, but those they have this year are ALL from abortion complications the abortion giant CAUSED?!

(You can see the list of 24 ambulances that were witnessed as leaving this Planned Parenthood in Houston on the Houston Coalition for Life website

along with audio records and pictures for a number of these calls.)

Dr. Wen, will you see and acknowledge life from fertilization****?

Will you see the harm abortion is causing women?

Will you see that ABORTION, the deliberate ending of one life and the harming of the woman, is NOT healthcare?

May we pray that Dr. Wen decides to focus her efforts on nobly working for healthcare and choose NOT have anything to do with Planned Parenthood even before her first official day on Nov 12, 2018.





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