Exorcists, Daleiden & world-wide day of penance!

(Sent via email: Nov 14, 2019)

December 6th, A Day of Penance

In the wake of a horrific strike upon key principles of the legal system and free press in this country and with the observation of the spiritual and civil distress throughout the world, Houston Coalition for Life joins in an world-wide appeal for acts of reparation on Friday, Dec 6, 2019.

Four exorcists have made an appeal for everyone around the world to participate in a penitential day of prayer and fasting.

You can see more details of this appeal in a recent article by Bree A. Dail, published in the National Catholic Register:

Click here to read the article.

Bree A Dail also covered this announcement this past Monday while a guest on GRN Alive, co-hosted by Theresa of Houston Coalition for Life.  During the radio show, Bree A Dail explained that the appeal was made for the first Friday of the month during Advent, which is traditionally a more penitential day of the year. She explained that the exorcists were not able to give her a lot of details because of the nature of what was involved, but they were planning to go spiritually "on the offensive" in response to the demonic forces that are plaguing our world as evidenced by many recent events.

Catholics and non-Catholics are encouraged to participate. As in scripture, Christ Himself demonstrates how some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:14-21).  As we keep our focus on Christ, we will be victorious and gain the glory of heaven.

While the focus of these exorcists involves the very heart and head of the Catholic Church on earth, the prayer and fasting is offered for the sanctification of the entire Body of Christ and the entire world. And that intention would include the great concerns that Houston Coalition for Life sees regarding a "Black Mass" being advertised in our city this week and also the reality that David and Sandra are scheduled to hear Judge's Hite's decision regarding the criminal case on December 6th.

Specifically regarding recent pro-life events, it is disturbing that during the recent civil trial against David and his colleagues, Judge Orrick handed down a directed verdict, requiring the jury to come up with the compensatory and punitive damages to be awarded to Planned Parenthood affiliates including Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.  There is no question that this case will go to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals since it was decided by a man (with Planned Parenthood connections) who withheld key evidence, prevented testimony of expert witnesses and stopped relevant legal argumentation by the defense.  The results of this case will affect have damaging affects for all undercover journalists, medical malpractice suits, whistleblowers of big business corruption, and those who report on homicides.

Also on Dec. 6th, David and Sandra's criminal case will be brought before Judge Hite in the Superior Court of California County of San Francisco.  There is a possibility that the Judge will throw out all 15 felony charges brought forward by the California Attorney General during the criminal hearing.  Or he may decide to initiate a criminal trial. You can click here for more details about the civil trial and criminal case from the St. Thomas More Society!        

At Houston Coalition for Life, we are well aware that abortion is first and foremost a spiritual battle.  We are also aware that the preciousness of life and the importance of legal protection for the innocent are issues that reach far beyond abortion.  

So we ask you to unite with us on Dec 6th, and storm heaven with your prayers. We ask you to refocus your life on Christ and be in the State of Sanctifying Grace as you offer to God the sacrifices of penance for the protection of all people in this journey to heaven!

May this time of prayer and fasting not be a time when we are distracted or fearful, but where we refocus on Christ and the victory that comes when we place all our physical and spiritual abilities at the service of God, Who loves us more than anyone else could.  May be build our relationship with Him through self-control and love of God and neighbor.  

Let us know if you will participate in this time of fasting and prayer on Friday, Dec. 6!

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