TODAY a child with detectable heartbeat is SAFE from abortion in the great state of Texas!

TODAY the health of women is being protected from one of the most dangerous procedures in the history of this nation.

Health for women begins in the womb!

Now, more than ever, pregnancy centers, maternity homes and adoption agencies need to be supported!

Our mobile crisis pregnancy centers will continue to be on the street, six days a week, offering free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and Christian Counseling to women in a crisis pregnancy.  Our office is also open five days a week offering the same services. Crisis pregnancies are unfortunately not ending and we are not going anywhere!  

Back on May 19th, Gov. Abbott signed the Heartbeat Act (TX SB 8) into law! This Act criminalizes abortions done on pregnant women once the fetal heartbeat of their unborn child has been detected, with the exception of the mother’s life being in danger. The abortionist could be charged with a felony and a hefty fine if they do an abortion on pre-born child with a heartbeat.  

The heart can be seen beating as early as 18 days and is typically able to be picked up via ultrasound at 6 weeks.


The Texas Heartbeat Act sets a NEW precedent, at least for the moment.

Up to this point, several states have passed laws that allow for the unborn baby to be protected before the age of viability (or 20 weeks after conception) when the baby can survive (aided) outside of the womb. Until this time, pro-life laws passed by state legislatures that would prevent pre-viability stage abortions are being struck down in court because of Roe v Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v Casey (1992).

No doubt the Texas Heartbeat Act will continue to be challenged.

However, at this moment, in TEXAS, a detectible heartbeat will save the life of the child and save the woman the subsequent trauma that comes with having an abortion.

If you know someone who has been hurt by abortion, we encourage you to have them contact and (These two organizations have been around long before this bill came into being to existence with the healing of women and men who suffer after an abortion. They have no ties to this bill, just to healing.)

If you don’t think women are hurt by abortion, listen to this recent 911 call from Planned Parenthood’s mega ASC!

The best part of this bill is it communicates the HUMANITY of an entire group of people whose humanity was being denied since1973 and whose death was being profited from through abortion.

TODAY is a joyful SHOUT OF FREEDOM for those who have a measurable heartbeat. We pray that freedom will be extended to the pre-born from the very moment when their life begins at fertilization and that FREEDOM will be echoed around this nation!

PLEASE NOTE: The information in this Houston Coalition for Life article is not intended to be a legal analysis. The text of the legislation may be found here:

Please pray for the conversion of all who are involved in the horror of abortion. May they realize the terrible damage they are doing by destroying the unborn and harming women. And may they find the courage to stop doing abortions and find other employment.


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