Freedom of Speech

Why is important that we continue to exercise our freedom of speech in our state? Last week the Governor of Illinois J. B. Pritzker signed the S.B. 1909 Pro-Life speech restriction. According to the Thomas More Society, this is the most radical Pro-Life speech restriction in the country. Thanks be to God, our state has enacted pro-life legislation and our freedom of speech is protected.

Now that Roe is overturned, every state has a duty to defend the lives of the most innocent. The mother’s womb should it be the safest place where a baby can grow and develop. In some states radical laws against the unborn remain, including prohibiting sharing truth with women about the life inside of her allowing her to make the fully-informed decision she deserves.

At Houston Coalition for Life, our mission of ending abortion in Houston peacefully and prayerfully is as important today as ever. Please help us to continue to save lives by praying outside the two remaining former abortion facilities that are still open in Houston hurting women and advocating abortion. The spiritual battle of abortion is won through fasting and prayer.

Beginning next week, August 7th, we will have a new schedule for our prayer vigils, and alternate until we have enough volunteers to cover the two locations in the same day. We are also preparing for our Fall 40 Days for Life campaign, Day Captain and Sidewalk Counselor training . Please see below and contact for more information.

First and Second Wednesday:

Planned Parenthood - Northwest Health Center 13169 Northwest Fwy. Houston, TX 77040

Time: 9:00 am

Third and Fourth Wednesday:

Women’s Reproductive Services, 13201 Northwest Fwy. Houston TX


Time: 9:00 am

Every Friday:

Planned Parenthood 4600 Gulf Fwy.

Time: 9:00 am

Sidewalk Counselor Training:

August 14 and August 28

Location: 2925 West TC Jester Blvd. Suite 5 Houston, TX 77018

Time: 1:00 pm

40 Days for Life Day Captain Training:

August 17 and August 31

Location: 2925 West TC Jester Blvd. Suite 5 Houston, TX 77018

Time 1:00 pm

For More Information please contact Flor Nunez: 713-395-1330 or

Blog Post written by:
Flor Nunez
Programs Director
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