It's time to write the building owner!

It's time to contact the owner of the building!

In the past, construction of the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was delayed by 2 years and cost them an over $1 million extra when pro-lifers stepped in with emails, phone calls and faxes during the Texas Families United Against Planned Parenthood Construction Boycott.

Now we are asking you to help us shut down the new abortion provider, "Houston Women's Reproductive Services," by contacting their landlord, Mr. Paymond Roshan or his sister who manages the building.

(Neither Mr. nor Ms. Roshan work for the abortion facility.)

Picture of Midtown Plaza building taken from Nolda Street

Here is a sample letter:

Hello Mr. Roshan (Hello Ms. Roshan),

I have an increasing concern for the health of woman in Houston and the reputation of your business establishment as a result of an abortion facility that has moved into your lovely 6-story building off of I10 in Houston (5225 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77007, Suite 370).

Houston Women's Reproductive Services, is advertising the RU486 abortion pill for pregnant women up to 10 weeks.

While this is all legal, the RU486 is terrible for the woman's body (See #8 on the FDA website) and it deliberately kills a child within her womb. We know, scientifically, that the baby has a heartbeat that can be measured as early as 18 days, there are measurable brainwaves at 6 weeks and they can respond to touch as early as 8 weeks.

So many women suffer tremendous amounts of pain and later regret following their abortions. Here is one woman's testimony:

In 2016, over 12,000 women residing in Harris County suffered through a chemical abortion.

I will not stand by as more women are hurt and end up living with the regret of abortion. Houston is a very generous city that is prepared to help women facing crisis pregnancies.  Houston Coalition for Life is one of the organizations that offer real solutions for both the woman and the child.

This is why I support and/or I will participate in assisting those who will make it a priority to let the public know that RU486 is an unnecessary risk for women's health and offer them real solutions including, which has already saved 500 babies across the nation.  This method of assisting women will include standing with a peaceful prayer presence on the sidewalk outside the very source of the danger, outside abortion facilities in Houston, and that now includes 5225 Katy Fwy.    

Please consider what can be done so that the women will not be ending their own child's life in YOUR building.


(Your Name)

You can contact Mr. Paymon Roshan, who owns the building, or his sister who manages the building via email:

Mr. Paymon Roshan

California Office: Hyfa Inc,

Mailing address: 1400 E Katella Ave Ste 221, Orange Ca 92867-5052

Phone: 714-639-6969

Ms. Susan Roshan, First Vice President

Houston Office: Roshan Towers Midtown Plaza

Mailing Address: 5225 Katy Fwy, Houston TX 77007

Phone: 713-863-0520


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