Life Saving Ripple-Effect

This Thanksgiving we are so grateful for YOU!

This season of thankfulness is the perfect time to share how God's working through your prayer is not limited to those who see you on the sidewalk.

There was a woman ("Diamond") who was scheduled to have an abortion at the Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere. As she was about to drive into the parking lot, she saw a large group of people praying on the sidewalk in front of this massive abortion facility and she saw the Big Blue Bus, where it parks 6 days each week to offer pregnant women practical assistance.  

When she saw her child on the large flat screen TV and she talked with the staff on the Big Blue Bus, "Diamond" chose life for her baby.

"Diamond" then promptly called her sister "Ruby" who was also pregnant and also considering abortion, and she encouraged her sister to visit the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center office.

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus, Houston Coalition for Life was able to give this "Ruby" an ultrasound, and she spoke about being open to adoption.

Please continue to pray for "Diamond" and "Ruby" as they go through this time of preparation to create or to decide on a home for their unborn children.  

(Names have been changed in order to protect the identity of the clients involved.)

So thank you to the group that was there that day in prayer. At Houston Coalition for Life we are so grateful to over 100 volunteer leaders and over 1000 individual volunteers who helped to cover the sidewalk in prayer outside of 4 abortion facilities in Houston!

Through your prayers this year,

between Jan 1 - Oct 31, 2019,

there were 2457 visits to

Big Blue, Baby Blue, and our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center Office

  • 1708 were new clients
  • 1347 had a positive pregnancy test
  • 1266 chose life for their child! (That is 94%)

Please keep these women and all the women that we serve in your prayers.

If you have not been out to pray with us yet and you would like to join a group to Stand & Pray or if you would like to Sidewalk Counsel, we'd love to connect with you. Contact or

Thank you for all you do defense of the unborn and their mothers!

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