Lowering Healthcare Standards is NOT Pro-Woman!

If increased numbers of ambulances is considered a high standard of care, what does that say about lowering the bar with medical standards across the board?

Tuesday, June 10th, a preliminary injunction was granted to allow for Planned Parenthood in Missouri to remain open until the court ruled otherwise.  The Missouri Planned Parenthood has been under strict scrutiny because of their numerous failures during health inspections and because the gravity of so many clients suffering from abortion complications.  When Planned Parenthood’s license was coming up for renewal on May 31 2019, the Department of State Health in Missouri denied their request.  

If Planned Parenthood, was to lose their license, the facility would only be able to offer their non-abortion services.  As a result, Missouri would be the first state to have no abortions since 1973, the year Roe v Wade was handed down by the Supreme Court.

During a press conference that took place in the week of May 31st, Gov. Parson said “Regardless of if you support abortion or not, Planned Parenthood should be able to meet the basic standards of health care under the law.”

With health code violations in 2009, 2013, 2015, and two in 2016,the people of Missouri have reason to be concerned about this particular abortion facility and how their carry out their “medical practice.” CheckmyClinic.org posted the Health inspection reports which are part of public records through the State Department of Health.  Their findings of health violations at Planned Parenthood, St. Louis include:

·        “Failed to properly sterilize instruments that are used from woman to woman.”

·        “The staff did not log their abortions over 18 weeks gestation as required by law.

·        “Tears in the exam tables…”

·        “The clinic did not send fetal tissue for pathology evaluation as required by Missouri law”

·        “No background checks on employees”

Furthermore, Operation Rescue has documented 74 ambulances that have taken individuals from this Missouri abortion facility to the hospital.  This includes 3 during April and May of 2019.

Judge Michael Stelzer, a circuit court judge for Division 15 of the 22nd Circuit Court in Missouri, granted a Preliminary Injunction, so the facility could continue operating as he listened to the oral arguments.

Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), spoke to the press and explained that Planned Parenthood’s license was being brought into question for three main reasons: (1) the abortionist who was doing abortion, needed to be the same abortionist doing the “pre-op” (2) the doctor doing the “pre-op” was required to do a pelvic exam and (3) they wanted to interview doctors following concerns they had in the patient documents, with the intent of helping insure that concerning results would not occur again. Williams further explained that Planned Parenthood had agreed to comply with the first two points, but would only allow interviews with two doctors on staff.  He hinted that the facility could potentially obtain a renewal of their license when a discussion could be had with each of the Planned Parenthood abortionists and resolutions could be madefor the protection of clients receiving services.  

Yesterday, Judge Stelzer, gave permission for the facility to continue to do abortions at this time, despite the fact that the license has not been renewed, and he has insisted that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services decided to allow or to deny the license for Planned Parenthood by June 21.

Rather than correcting the issues that are causing this great need for ambulances, Planned Parenthood leadership continue to defend this facility as if it had the highest standards of care.  If this is an example of the highest standards of care, than Missouri and this entire nation should have great concern.

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