On the sidewalk...UN MASK or NEW MASK?

From March 10th and going forward until further notice, masks are NOT required to be part of Stand & Pray nor part of 40 Days for Life in Houston.

Houston Coalition for Life is delighted that on March 2nd, Gov. Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA 34 that lifts requirements of masks and has opened up Texas 100% on March 10th at 12:01am

During Stand & Pray, we are outside, and we are typically spread out to cover more area in prayer anyways.  Just as before there was ever a concern about Covid-19, we now continue to encourage you to avoid conversation because we are a more effective sign of the hope for the prayer moms if we are focused on prayer.  We are also still encourage volunteers to spread out as you pray so that we cover more area on the sidewalk.

Please be respectful of those who prefer to wear a mask and those who prefer not to wear masks and those who prefer to keep their social distance.  Outside of the abortion facility is NOT the location to get distracted by a political or cultural debate on an issue like masks wearing especially when it is outside.  

If you prefer to wear a mask, you are still welcome to wear one.  AND if you would like, Houston Coalition for Life will send you a set of two blue “Life is A Right” masks or a set of two red “Make Life Sacred Again” masks with your donation of $25! Or if you prefer, you can obtain 1 blue hat or 1 red hat with your donation of $25.  

We look forward to seeing you on the sidewalk!

If you don’t feel comfortable coming to the sidewalk or you are not feeling well, please pray for an end to abortion from home. And let us know you are praying from home because that still does make a difference!

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