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Action being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has highlighted not only the importance of family, not only how our social and economic framework is so vitally interconnected, but also how our actions affect the lives of others.

During this chapter in our nation’s history, Houston Coalition for Life continues to stand strong with women and unborn children by offering practical aid to pregnant women who are facing a crisis pregnancy.

Helping pregnant moms, as they turn away from abortion and choose life, has many new challenges during this season. Each step is worth the time, the research, the extra steps.  

Why?  Because we believe in the dignity of the human person. We know God created each person with a purpose - a purpose that they begin as soon as their life begins at conception.  Moreover, we have worked with many women who have suffered because of their abortion; we unite our voice with theirs in not wanting any more women to undergo the same devastating procedure.

When we were only able to take calls, we were still helping women even from a distance.  As we opened the doors of our office and offered free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds, we saw 49 women come in that first week!

Over this last week, with Baby Blue back out on the road and Curriculum of Life Program offering a Breastfeeding class to a small, spread-out group of our moms, we can continued to see a steady flow of women coming in for baby items, free ultrasounds, and many resources.  

If you would like to participate in this work through prayer, we are continuing to pray outside of abortion facilities in Houston.

You can also be a part of the action, even from a distance,by participating in the Run/Walk for Life that helps to keep this privately funded organization open and running and helping end abortion peacefully and prayerfully, as we were in three locations today! Register today:

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