Over 100 chose life!

(Nov. 16, 2019)

Another Vigil Comes to an End

Sunday, November 3rd was the final day of the 2019 Fall 40 Days for Life vigil.  It was an honor to lead this vigil and to have the privilege of working with so many dedicated pro-lifers. I would like to thank everyone who participated by fasting and praying for an end to abortion. Through your fasting and prayerful presence many mothers had a change of heart and many lives were saved!  

During the vigil there were 235 visits to the Big Blue Bus, offering free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests outside of Planned Parenthood in Houston.

  • 146 were new clients
  • 114 had a positive pregnancy test
  • 111 chose life for their child on the Big Blue Bus!

Please keep these women and all the women that we serve in your prayers.

The 40 Days for Life vigil is over but the Houston Coalition for Life's presence outside the abortion facility is not over. Our Big Blue Bus will continue to park outside Planned Parenthood offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. I invite you to continue to join us in prayer on the sidewalk, because abortions are still being performed and your presence still makes a difference.

Thank you for all you do to promote a culture of life!

God Bless,

  Clare Calcote

  Programs Director

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