Fifth Circuit Update. And PPE, Abortions, and Prayer Masks

Prayer Masks, PPE and the abortion pill

(Text taken from an email sent April 24,2020)

Didn't you know? Living people require more PPE then dead people!

This is basically the claim within the abortion promoting Texas Temporary Restraining Order of April 9th granted by Judge Yeakel:

"Individuals with ongoing pregnancies are more likely to seek treatment in a hospital-for a variety of conditions-than individuals who have pre-viability abortions. Therefore delaying access to abortion will not conserve hospital resources."

After all if a woman completes her pregnancy she will have to give birth, which takes PPE. And if you completely IGNORE all the interaction with the woman other than handing her the poison that will at least temporarily destroy her reproductive ability and steal the life of her child, then it looks like there is no PPE. (No PPE...similar to the claim there is no person in the womb?)

Fortunately, on Monday the Fifth Circuit Court overruled their own previous ruling and issued a Writ of Mandamus in part in response to the appeal made by Texas Attorney General Paxton. The Federal Judges re-assessed how PPE would be necessary for the REQUIRED ultrasound prior to the woman getting RU486. Then with Covid-19 concerns there would likely be more than the usual Personal Protective Equiptment being used to protect the abortion staff while interacting with patients during the various visits before, during and after the chemical abortion pills were administered. Also based on the FDA's reported failure rate of RU486 and the number of chemical abortions previously accounted for in a year, there was a calculated rate of WOMEN needing hospitalization EACH WEEK when the chemical abortion failed. And of course caring for these hospitalized women suffering from complications including possible hemorrhaging, would also require more PPE, medical staff and hospital beds.

So now with GA15 that is in effect, there are still restrictions on medical operations in Texas, however even while being careful to follow the Stay Home, Work Safe Order, people have already been outside of the abortion facilities in small numbers and some were holding signs with helpful information for moms to see from 6+ feet away.

Wednesday, Judge Hidalgo issued a new order that, ON MONDAY, APRIL 27, everyone 10 years of age and older are required to wear masks in Harris County or risk being fined up to $1K.  While we are aware of letters circulating that law enforcement don't plan to enforce the penalty of fine or jail time ordered by Judge Hidalgo and that Thursday, Mayor Turner said there would be no fine, we ask you to PLEASE, until the order is lifted, wear a mask when you come to stand outside of an abortion facility to pray for an end to abortion.

Please click here to read very important info about Stand & Pray

We are keenly aware that lives are at stake right now both for the unborn and their mothers and also for those in the medical field and those who are at risk of Covid-19.  We don't want to compromise this mission over something as simple as whether to follow a Judge's order to wear a cloth over our face when we are going to help our law enforcement save lives in an area that they have no jurisdiction over at this time. They can't stop the massacre caused by abortion.  But WE CAN do something. We can fight for our right to have our vote count. We can fight for freedom within the law. We can take a stand and be EFFECTIVE as we peacefully and prayerfully offer assistance for the unborn and their mothers while following the LAW!

At Houston Coalition for Life, we are still getting emails about people praying from home, and we are still getting calls from pregnant women.

Thank you to each of our volunteers who continue to pray and be a light of hope and practical help for pregnant women during this time even while we can't be on the street because of the Stay Home Work Safe Order in Harris County. Our helpline is available!

Click here to see a video about the Big Blue Bus where over 9,100 women chose life.

THE BIG BLUE BUS & BABY BLUE are temporarily off the road.

Yet, staff are still following up with our current new moms and our 24/7 hotline is open and ready to direct more pregnant women to safety, away from abortion and

towards life-affirming solutions: 832-244-8724

Please keep all of the women we serve in your prayers!

All praise and glory to God!

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