Pray for a mom and baby on Baby Blue!

Please pray for this mother and child who came to Baby Blue!

With the opening of 40 Days for Life, we celebrate an increase in the number of people coming to pray for an end to abortion and a drop in the number of clientele that are getting abortions.  

On the first day of the prayer campaign outside of Planned Parenthood in Houston, eight women came to receive assistance on our Big Blue Bus, and each chose life!

Today,we wanted to share a story from prayer partners with our other mobile crisis pregnancy center that occurred just before 40 Days for Life even began!  Baby Blue was visited by a few women earlier in the week, as people were praying outside of the Houston Women’s Clinic.

One of the reasons this young woman was considering abortion was because she had a newborn baby.  As the ultrasonographer asked the pregnant woman, “Can you imagine your life without your other child?”  She reminded her that the little one growing inside of her was just as much hers and just as precious as the child she could hold in her arms. The woman stayed for quite a while and received one of the baby blankets made by the Lutheran Ladies before she left.  The person who had been praying for her gave her a rosary, and the pregnant woman promised to return. (As we have three locations, there is a chance, she will visit another location for a follow up ultrasound.)

Please keep in your prayers this woman and her children and also the father of the baby, who seems to be supportive her having the baby.        

Also if you would like to sign up to pray for an end to abortion with Houston Coalition for Life please contact or

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