Prayer Memorial for the Victims of Roe V. Wade

On the Saturday before the anniversary of the destructive Roe v. Wade decision, Houstonians joined in prayer for an end to abortion!

As Houston Coalition for Life began to set up the sound equipment, clouds occasionally poured forth a few minutes of rain as if there were tears from heaven over the loss of so many children, children who had their lives unjustly ended before they even had time to experience the sunshine or play in the rain. 

The Prayer Memorial began with the Hymn "Be Not Afraid". Then Fr. Hinkley of St. Helen Catholic Church led the opening prayer. Psalm 139:1-6 was read by Jeff, a volunteer who has been coming to pray outside of abortion facilities in Houston for years. Pastor Jenson, of Calvary Chapel in Pearland read from the Gospel: Mathew 18:1-14.

 During the prayer memorial, a bell tolled for each year abortion has been legal in the United States and representatives who were either born on that year or were a parent or grandparent of a child born that year laid a rose in memory of their peers who lost their lives to abortion. It was a very solemn and sobering moment, but with the witness of so many pro-lifers of all ages it was also a time of great hope and joy. 

Following a moment of silence, we concluded with this closing prayer and the hymn Amazing Grace.

Concluding Prayer:

God our Father, who knit us in our mother’s womb, we thank You for the gift of life that we have been given. We pray for all our brothers and sisters who, because of abortion, had this gift cut short. Grant us the grace, to come to a deeper respect for the lives of all Your children from conception to natural death.

As we go forth from this place, let the memory of this memorial stay in our hearts and deepen our resolve to stand up for the defenseless especially the most defenseless among us the baby in the womb.

Thank you to everyone in Houston who joined Houston Coalition for Life for our Prayer Memorial for the Victims of Roe v. Wade on Saturday! 

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