Prayers for Baby Samuel's Family

At Houston Coalition for Life, we are seeing dozens of pregnant moms come through our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center office each week, including many for today’s New Born Child Care Class. (This class is part of the Curriculum of Life Program at our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center Office of the Houston Coalition for Life.)

Today, we are asking for your prayers for baby Samuel’s mom and their family.  

One of our moms miscarried her baby at 13 weeks. This precious little one was loved by his family every moment of his life and his mom named him Samuel.

Perhaps if you have seen one of the fetal models that represents a 12 week old pre-born baby, you will have an idea of his size when his mom suffered a miscarriage.

It is so sad that these little ones, at this stage of life,are not protected through our legal system from being destroyed by abortion.

In 2017 in Texas alone, there were over 1,500 babies aborted between 13-14 weeks according to Texas HHSC.  Fortunately, this is a much lower number than the 3,344 in 2007 according to Texas Vital Statistics.  

Thank God, precious little Samuel was NOT aborted; this baby was loved every moment of his life and will be remembered as a part of the family!

Please pray for this family and consider partnering with us in offering assistance for our pregnant moms and those clients that recently gave birth! Today Register to be part of the Run/Walk for Life so we can continue to support women and end abortion in Houston, through our peaceful prayerful work.

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