Prayers Need - Mom in Hospital

Prayer Continues at 6 ft

We have an urgent prayer request from one of our moms!

Her doctor encouraged her to abort because her child was diagnosed with down syndrome.  She refused and found another ObGyn.  Her husband, the father of all of her children, told her to abort and said the child wouldn't belong in their family.  The abusive father has since lost custody of all the children.  

Her little baby girl was born perfectly healthy in May. But mom isn't doing well.

Now the mother is in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs.  She has a family member helping with the children. She is asking everyone to pray for her.

You can join us in prayer now from where ever you are, and in person on Friday as we pray for an end to abortion outside of HWRS abortion facility, and on Saturday at the Run/Walk for Life!  

Cheryl, our nurse conveyed this story and explained how the woman had come to the Big Blue Bus!  She explained that on the one hand the situation is joyful because the woman chose life AND also the baby is healthy.  The poor woman who just gave birth thinks God is punishing her, and Cheryl reassured her that that is not true.  The young mother is worried that she is dying, and Cheryl make sure to see that a priest could visit her.  PLEASE continue praying for this young woman and her family. She just had her birthday in the hospital and can only be allowed one visitor per day.      

To keep the Big Blue Bus and the other Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers open, we need you to sign up for the Run/Walk for Life 2020 as a Sponsor, a Runner or a Walker! Click here for more details!

Sadly, even more mothers and the unborn need our assistance as this season of Covid-19 continues.  

So you are welcome to come take a stand as a witness to the dignity of the human person along I-10 and come Stand & Pray for an end to abortion.  We are outside. We are 6 ft apart. Most importantly we are offering women hope at the last possible moment so they don't make what could be the worst mistake of her life.

Friday Prayer Vigil

Friday, June 12th


on the sidewalk at 5225 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77007

Because this city is going through Covid-19, you can wear a mask. We are outside, so the key issue is making sure we stay 6 feet apart from those who are not living in the same household.

Parking: Parking will be at the same location as our previous Friday vigils. If you will be praying at this location for the first time, there will be a prayer partner ready to greet you near the parking lot between Nolda and the feeder road of I-10.

Please note that since we will be standing on the I-10 feeder sidewalk, there will not be led prayer.

This is one prayer event happening, at one of the four locations where we pray.  Though we don't have led prayer, we stand unified in a witness to the dignity of human life, peacefully and prayerfully. If you would like to join us at another location, please email

Please RSVP so we know how many signs to provide but feel free to attend even if you don't remember to RSVP.

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