Pro-Life Action Alert: Thank Gov Abbott for Executive Order GA09!

Pro-Life Action Alert!

Call Gov Abbott at (512) 463-1782

Thank him for limiting elective surgical procedures including abortion to free up Personal Protective Equipment (aka PPE), like masks and gloves,

that are urgently needed in Texas hospitals so patients with Covid-19 can get the care they need!

How did we get here?

March 22, Gov Abbott issued an executive order GA 09 (read here) stating that all elective procedures (including abortions) should be canceled or postponed. The executive order aims to free up PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) for hospitals scrambling to get supplies to address Covid-19.  

In case there was any question about abortion being classified as non-essential services, a letter from Texas Attorney General Paxton cleared that up (read here).

At this point, Planned Parenthood, Whole Women's Health and other abortion groups are suing the State of Texas as they attempt to have abortion be considered "essential".

Abortion is NOT essential and it's not healthcare. Scientifically we know abortion is only successful when the unborn child is destroyed. At fertilization there is a new living being with human DNA that will have a heartbeat at 18 days and brainwaves by 6 weeks, etc.  

Want to ask a professional? Soon after abortion promoting ACOG put out a press release claiming abortion is essential, five KEY medical groups representing 30,000 physicians put out a press release in response saying that abortion is NOT essential! Read here

IRONICALLY, in a March 25th article by the Houston Chronicle, regarding abortion groups suing Texas, the image chosen highlighted Whole Women's Health in Fort Worth as reporter quoted from Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of WWH.

Abortionist Nelson at Whole Women's Health in Fort Worth had been complaining on March 15th on his Twitter feed about his concerns over not being able to get a tested for his symptoms that appeared to be Covid-19! (Since I'm not going to send you to Nelson's Twitter feed, I'll send you to NE Journal and Report)

And a little more to think about and of course pray about...

Did Nelson ever reveal whether he did get tested and was it positive? He did self-isolate.

Is Amy Hamstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Women's Health, trying to recover her costs over a possible incident that could have caused her facility's patients to have been exposed to Covid-19? Is she defending staff members that should be on self-quarantine at this moment?

Whatever the intent, the reality is that the temporary stay on non-essential abortions extends about one month.  Planned Parenthood isn't shutting it's doors. And they are now not only tying up needed PPE that they could be donating to a local hospital (that sees their patients when they mess up the abortion), now Planned Parenthood is tying up necessary time and funding to address Covid-19.

Abortion does not fix Covid-19. Abortion's being closed allows more lives to be saved on many levels. The old and unhealthy abortionists need to go home and self-isolate with everyone else in Houston and they need to contemplate what real healthcare means.

Please pray for a conversion of heart of abortion workers during this time as they try to figure out what they will do with so much free time on their hands.

And PLEASE CALL GOVERNOR ABBOTT and say THANK YOU for caring about the health and well being of TEXANS! Because we know Planned Parenthood is calling on their volunteers to phone and harass him today.  

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