Relying on our Firm Foundation!

Relying on our Firm Foundation!

(Originally in an email that went out March 25, 2020)

The prayer and fasting continues for an end to abortion and elective abortions in Texas are being temporarily held off by an Executive Order!


As residents of Harris County and the City of Houston are well aware, yesterday Judge Hidalgo issued a  Stay Home, Work Safe Order that runs from March 25th until 11:59 pm on April 3rd.  

Because of this new development in our city, the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers (Big Blue, Baby Blue and the office) are temporarily closed for in-person appointments.  

However we are still offering assistance to women facing a crisis pregnancy based on their need:

Houston Coalition for Life's  24-hour Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center help line: 832-244-8724

We will also be responding to those who reach out to us on Facebook Messenger, through our office line (713-395-1330) ,

and through our volunteer coordinator (346-867-3076).

And of course, through each of our staff emails.

Over the years, many women have told us that they really wanted to have their baby; yet when they saw everyone around them telling them that they couldn't do it, they began to give up on themselves as a mom. They tell us that they truly believe they would not have had that abortion if they had ONE person to tell them they can have this baby.    

So we are asking you, to not be afraid of being that ONE person in their life that offers a word of encouragement to have that baby.

At Houston Coalition for Life, we care for both mother and baby. No matter what! We encourage you to send them this coupon. They can call us immediately and they can hang onto these coupons for just a couple of weeks.

We realized pregnant women, who are panicked, will sometimes begin the abortion process and then regret their "choice" once it is started.  If it is a two day procedure or if they take the first abortion pill, we know the resources that are ready to help them immediately to try to help save that baby. Yet we pray they won't get to that point.

During this time, there is a stay on all elective abortion in the State of Texas to free up Personal Protective materials for Covid-19!  Gov. Abbot issued an executive order (read here ) and Attorney General Paxton was very specific in a recent statement in regards to abortion (read here).  So right now, there is a chance that women will have more time to look at their life saving options and really process a way to stabilize both for themselves and for their baby!

Also, while away from the office, the staff will continue to offer pro-life volunteers more ways to participate in the pro-life mission, so stay up to date with our facebook and emails as we continue to pray and work for an end to abortion!

Echoing a message from Shawn Carney, President and CEO of 40 Days for Life International, while it very difficult to not continue the Vigil aspect of 40 Days for Life, that has filled a critical need in our community, it was the right decision made at that time and we now focus on the FOUNDATION of this work, which is prayer and fasting.

Please pray for an end to abortion, where ever you are today.  

If you know someone who is facing a crisis pregnancy and needs to talk to someone, please contact the number

on the Houston Coalition for Life Ultrasound Coupon: 832-244-8724

Or reach out to the network of resources at  

8,700 babies and 8,700 women and counting who were saved from abortion!

Each is priceless!

Feb 26- April 5, 2020

YOU can sign up to pray for an end to abortion on our vigil website or by emailing and specifically let us know any insightful thoughts you have or prayers you are praying from home by contacting

THE BIG BLUE BUS & BABY BLUE are temporarily off the road.

Yet, staff are still following up with our current new moms and our 24/7 hotline is open and ready to direct more pregnant women to safety, away from abortion and towards life-affirming solutions: 832-244-8724

Please keep all of the women we serve in your prayers!

All praise and glory to God!

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