Sharing a Success Story and Stats!

During each 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign, we see an increase in the number of volunteers and we often hear more stories about pregnant moms changing their minds.  As many times before, we saw over 100 women choose life rather than go into Planned Parenthood on I45. And we saw many women reject abortion rather than go into Houston Women’s Clinic, thanks to persevering pro-life volunteers. During the Fall prayer campaign, we were blessed to see 150 women choose life! During the Spring Campaign, we were blessed to see 102 women choose life (and the vigil portion of this campaign was cut short because of Covid concerns).

Yet the prayer did not end when the 40 Days for Life concluded.

We were also thrilled to learn of another story that happened more recently via a dedicated volunteer who comes as part of our year-round Stand & Pray presence.  Many of you know Sue, who is out there on Saturdays; she shared with us the following story:

A grandmother with her pregnant daughter stopped for me. If fact, it was obvious to me that the grandmother, who was the driver, didn't want her daughter to have the abortion. The daughter appeared to be staunch towards having the abortion. After speaking and urging the two to go to the bus, they went on into the Planned Parenthood parking lot. They sat in that car for a long time. But, in the end they went to the Big Blue Bus! And after waving goodbye to me, they never went into Planned Parenthood. 

When the women come to the Big Blue Bus, they are offered a free pregnancy test and free ultrasound!  They are also offered a warm soft blanket, with hand-crocheted edges from the Lutheran Ladies as the first gift for their precious baby. Sometimes they also get a bear donated by the Knights of Columbus.  Consistently over 90% of women choose life after they have seen their baby on the ultrasound machine.

We are so grateful to donors and volunteers who give so generously to help provide that sign of hope in God and practical assistance in the community.  Without you we could not have had the impact that we have seen. Over 1,044 women choose life this year! Possibly due to the pandemic, we did see fewer women, however we are also seeing fewer women pull into the abortion facilities.  We pray that God will protect all pre-born children and their mothers from abortion and our nation will be a place where abortion is not only illegal, but unthinkable.

See our most recent statistics update: here.

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The Houston Coalition for Life Board and Staff and our families hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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