She KNEW it was a baby and she chose life!

At Houston Coalition for Life, we are delighted to be able to share some of the many stories that have been shared with us by our clients who rejected abortion and chose life for their babies!  

One of our moms recently shared that when she was a teen, her mother took her to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion.  Since she was already 20 weeks along, Planned Parenthood referred her to Douglas Karpen, the late term abortionist who runs Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center, - the sidewalk outside of each facility is a Stand & Pray locations where we encourage people to peacefully pray for an end to abortion.

Before 2013, abortion was legal up to 6 months in Texas.  At this point, abortions after viability (20 weeks after conception) can be regulated by states and, in 2021,Texas just passed two bills to help stop abortion and protect babies even before the age of viability.

Fortunately, even as a teenager, she knew there was a baby inside of her and she said that she would not let her mother (the grandmother of the unborn baby) bring about the end of the life of her baby.  Since that time she has given birth to one more child and she is pregnant another. She is so happy for her three little children!

Please pray for all teen moms, including another one that we are working with who will be giving birth very soon! We pray that they will have the courage to stand up for their pre-born children and take on the responsibilities of parenthood whether that means placing their baby in the care of an adoptive couple or making use of the parenting classes and resources that are available in this generous city.

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