She left without an abortion!

"A Story from the Street"

outside of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast!

Our sidewalk counselors are making a difference!

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One young woman who was parked in the lot at Planned Parenthood, decided to converse with the peaceful pro-life prayer volunteers.

She walked and up to them and asked to hear the "cons" about abortion. As the pro-life volunteers talked with her, she explained she was very close to a family member that she didn't want to know about her pregnancy.

She had come for an abortion that day, but she had recently heard a Pastor online say that abortion was wrong. The young woman shared that she was getting closer to Jesus on the one hand, but then she needed to deal with "reality" on the other hand. The sidewalk counselor wisely pointed out that the "reality" she was describing was not actually reality, but lies from the devil.


And isn't it so often the case that when the devil lies to us about reality. He offers a false solution as he aims to draw human beings away from God and destroy them.

In Genesis, the devil told Eve that by eating the forbidden fruit, the humans would be like gods themselves...yet they were already created in the Image and Likeness of God. Then when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, their sin actually weakened them, darkening their intellect, introducing concupiscence (the inclination to sin), separating them from God and each other, and bringing death into the world.

The devil's lies falsely promise solutions and benefits while causing destruction.

The closer we are to God, the easier it is to have a true understanding of reality.


Beautifully, the volunteers compassionately took time and, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, they talked with her though steps where she opened up and vocalize what she was experiencing and considering. She began talking herself out of an abortion. One prayer volunteer finally said that she was an intelligent girl, she knew what she needed to do, but she needed to do it.

And after talking with them for a long time, she got into her car, and left without going into the abortion facility.

We continue to pray for her and her baby and for the family member to be open to the new life that she is carrying.

We need more people to sign up for 1hr timeslots of prayer for an end to abortion so that more women can see there is help to stabilize and get back on track.

Be a part of the solution with Houston Coalition for Life.

We have seen over 11,000 women choose life here in Houston!

Many join during the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign, a time of prayer and fasting when many churches and groups will come together and pray for an end to abortion!

The next prayer campaign runs from Sept 22 - Oct 31, 2021

However, you don't have to wait until then!

You can sign up this week for one hour of Stand & Pray on the sidewalk:

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