You Make Our Work Possible - 2017 Achievements

I appreciate you taking a moment out of your busy schedule to read what the Houston Coalition for Life has accomplished this year.   Through the grace of God and the support of our generous donors and volunteers, we had 2,583 visits to our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers.  Of these visits, 1,253 women had a positive pregnancy test, and 1,188 women chose life, which is equivalent to 50 kindergarten classes!  

Every child and mother saved from abortion is a gift from the Lord above.  We were fortunate to be instrumental in the saving of twins after the mother's boyfriend saw someone praying outside of Planned Parenthood. He convinced the young woman not to go to her appointment but rather to come outside and talk to us.  He offered to be a father to the twins, which at that time he didn’t believe were his. This young man’s heart was touched when he saw the people in prayer.  It turned out, after another ultrasound and talking to our counselor, that the twins were his after all.   The couple were overjoyed and so thankful for our help. 

Another big success was our annual benefit dinner on Friday, April 20, called “Forget Me Not.”  Mike Goss, our Emcee, led a fun-filled evening with an outstanding speaker Jennifer O’Neill, author, model and actress, as well as, a very lively and animated auctioneer who helped us raise $237,000.  With this accomplishment, we were able to put Baby Blue on the road full time and hire a full-time ultra-sonographer.  Our second fundraiser was the annual Run/Walk for Life which took place on October 14.  This event was one of our most successful Run/Walks to date.  We exceeded our goal and raised $142,000.

As we embark on this Christmas season, we at HCL are taking some time to reflect and to give thanks to our supporters and volunteers who enable us to serve women in crisis. Hurricane Harvey challenged our local community; we had an urgent need for funds to support our clients who flooded.  While abortion groups were collecting donations to offer Harvey victim’s FREE abortions, we were available to help even more women who were in crisis.   Our thanks go to God for His grace and for the generosity of Houstonians who reached out and enabled us to help our clients in need. 

Through it all, we remain hopeful. With options, resources, and relentless hard work and encouragement, we know that different outcomes are possible because we witness our clients achieving them every day.  Through it all, we remain hopeful and vigilant. The Houston Coalition for Life (HCL) is committed to success and to ending abortion prayerfully and lovingly.

God bless you for caring about the importance of life and supporting our mission with your time, talents and treasures.   May God bless you with love, peace and hope this Christmas season.

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