Stand & Pray: Faithfulness Year Round!

Stand & Pray: Faithfulness Year Round!

Houston Coalition for Life (HCL) offers real solutions for pregnant moms, creates stronger networking opportunities, and sees positive results in this city that is the location of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Each day that Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast abortion facility is open, one of Houston Coalition for Life's mobile Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers and Stand & Pray volunteers aim to be out there.

The volunteers provide a prayer support as sidewalk counselors reach out to people entering the abortion facility. They have those critical conversations that in many cases redirects a pregnant mom away from immediate danger of going into an abortion facility, were the workers are trained to sell her an abortion, the procedure that will harm her and end the life of her child. The pro-life volunteers encourage women to find real help on the Big Blue Bus that offers free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and resources in the community.

We see an increase in the number of prayer volunteers and sidewalk counselors during each 40 Days for Life campaign as we encourage churches and groups to sponsor a day in prayer. HCL co-sponsored this past 2018 Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston!

One of the ways that we see the impact of the prayer and action of our presence on the sidewalk outside of the huge abortion facility is through looking at the ladies who visited our Big Blue Bus.

DURING THIS PAST 40 DAYS FOR LIFE: The Big Blue Bus had 302 visits from clients. Some were follow up visits. For the 173 New Clients, 154 had positive pregnancy tests and 2 were abortion minded and 1 was undecided, which means 98% of these mothers chose life! Please keep these women in your prayers!

Thank you to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston for co-sponsoring the Spring 40 Days for Life prayer event with us.

Thank you to the 33 groups who sponsored one or more days to come out and 6 others who came along side us and participated indirectly during that time.

We even had people who came to pray with us while visiting the US from Israel and Poland!

Thank you to those who continue to come pray and to those who continue to lead out groups to pray through our other Stand & Pray Programs including 40 Churches for 40 Days.

Since 2011, we have seen over 6300 women choose life in the shadow of the abortion facility and, through the grace of God we will continue to assist more women as they CHOOSE LIFE for their unborn child and spare themselves and their child from the devastation of abortion.

You too can be a part of ending abortion today! Check out Stand & Pray and other ways to be involved!


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