Standing Stronger United!

Friday, June 21st, over 45 people came to Houston Coalition for Life’s prayer vigil outside of the new abortion facility, Houston Women's Reproductive Services.

As we prayed for an end to abortion, we were joined by Dr. Joe Pojman, Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life, Beverly Roberts, Area Director of Concerned Women for America of South Texas, and Cathy McConn and Anita Nelson, Board Members of the Houston Coalition for Life as well as dozens of volunteers who each would encourage YOU to be involved!

Dr. Joe Pojman, Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life, was involved in the recent passage of HB16 (Texas Born-Alive Protection Act) and SB24 and was involved in a variety of other pro-life achievements during the last Texas legislative session. While outside of this new abortion facility, Dr. Pojman highlighted SB24 which now requires abortionists to hand the Women's Right to Know to their clients. This resource allows women to see the development of the baby, a description of the abortion procedures and resources if they want to parent their baby.  The hope is that women will realize that there is an unborn child in their womb and they will choose life.

We were also joined by Beverly Roberts of Concerned Women for America, who came out and prayed Psalm 139: “For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made… (Psalm 139:13-14)  

Roberts shared: "It takes some serious mental gymnastics to claim that the unborn baby is simply a blob of tissue or is part of the women's body."

One volunteer who came out explained that she had made the wrong choice in her past, but she was there to support choosing life now; and we are so grateful that this volunteer shared her statement:  “I wish there were people out here that would have helped me to make a better choice….I didn’t feel like I had a choice.” She shared, “I actually made the choice years ago and it was a selfish choice and all these years later that choice haunts me, I’m forgiven but that choice haunts. That choice was selfish and abortion is selfish.”

Another volunteer, Susan P. spoke to a staff member of the Houston Coalition for Life and explained "God created that baby just like He created me and you. And I believe it's my calling from God to stand up for that child who cannot speak for themselves."

We are so grateful to each of the volunteers who came out to pray for an end to abortion, and we encourage YOU to be involved as we continue to raise awareness about the harm of abortion and offer pregnant women support in the community.  This community support includes resources at the Houston Coalition for Life office where we have free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, baby items and our Curriculum of Life classes for parents.  

We hope you will join us in prayer and sign up for our emails so you can stay in the loop for when we have prayer events outside of abortion facilities here in Houston.

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