"Story from the Street" - Day 1 of 2020 Spring 40DFL

Today is the beginning of the 2020 Spring 40 Days for Life –Houston, cosponsored by the Houston Coalition for Life and the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston!

A windy prayer vigil kicked off this prayer campaign at 6:00am this morning outside of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston.Individuals from all over town gathered to pray for an end to abortion. We prayed for the protection of the unborn and their mothers, and for the conversion of those working in the abortion industry.  

Leading up to the Candle Light Vigil coordinated by Clare,Program Director at Houston Coalition for Life, Sue a Board Member of Gulf Coast Mercies, shared some information about Post Abortion Healing Ministries with those gathered.

During the prayer event, Theresa, another Program Director reminded the prayer warriors of the story of a young mom who was considering abortion and chose life after seeing a baby on the ultrasound machine. The pregnant woman had only seen the Big Blue Bus after interacting with someone praying on the sidewalk.  During each prayer campaign we frequently see over 100 women that are spared from the harm of abortion and many of the women talk of positive impact of just seeing individuals praying out there on the sidewalk.

Christine, Executive Director of the Houston Coalition for Life, specifically addressed the young adults there and pointed out how important their presence is since so many young pregnant women identify with them.   Having their visible witness out on the sidewalk is very important during this 40 Days for Life and through out the year.

We were joined on the sidewalk by James, who is leading another 40 Days for Life campaign at a different abortion facility.  Houston Women’s Clinic is one of the four locations where Houston Coalition for Life encourages people to pray year-round.  James invited people to pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom in what we will be called to say if we interact with the pregnant women who are entering the abortion facility.  He also led prayer for the women on Houston Coalition for Life’s mobile crisis pregnancy center that they would be given the words to touch the hearts of the women to help them choose life for their baby.

Then later in the day, Houston Coalition for Life staff were able to also join the time of prayer and sidewalk counseling outside of Houston Women’s Clinic, where we currently park Baby Blue, that offers the same services as our Big Blue Bus, namely: free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds,and practical aid for women facing a crisis pregnancy.  

As four campaigns around Houston unite with over 500 other locations through the International 40 Days for Life, we encourage YOU to be involved and sponsor an hour (or a group day) of prayer.

While St. Paul’s Catholic Church did sponsor this first day,we are in need of assistance outside of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast through the first two weeks.  You can sign up for one hour at 40DaysforLife.org/Houston or find out more info by contacting Clare@houstoncoalition.com or Theresa@houstoncoalition.com !

Remember God can use your peaceful prayerful presence to help save lives even without you saying a word! However if you want to talk with the women, we encourage you to take a FREE sidewalk counselor training. Learn more at http://houstoncoalition.org/stand-and-pray

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