Supreme Court Victory

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Original text taken from an email sent out via email Oct 27, 2020.

A Supreme Victory for Women of ALL Ages!

Yesterday, Oct 26th, an intellectual giant, a Federal Judge, a wife and mother of 7 children, and a woman who takes her Faith seriously was CONFIRMED and SWORN IN as the newest member of the Supreme Court by none other than Justice Thomas!  

Amy Coney Barrett is by her very lifestyle a powerful witness to the reality that a successful career does not require a woman to sacrifice her children (through abortion).  With faithful, respectful, loving interaction, Justice Barrett and her husband are a united example of a beautiful marriage.  United, they are a powerful witness to the power of adoption: the joy of adding new members of the family.  

Now, women who are pregnant and little girls (and boys), in the womb, have a female Supreme Court Justice who will be open-minded to protecting all human life within the framework of the Constitution. They have another champion who, united with her fellow Justices, can stop the violent discrimination falsely described as "reproductive health" and carried out through the death sentence called abortion.

When the Senate hearings brought about a focus on the issue of Roe v Wade, Judge Barrett answered very clearly, that she would not provide her stance on how she would rule in advance of hearing a case on any topic; this is the professional and appropriate response especially as her role is not to legislate from the bench but to protect and interpret the law with a focus on preserving the integrity of the Constitution.  

During the hearings, Judge Barrett did explain that Roe v Wade was not "super-precedent" meaning there have always been many who contest this ruling, as was evidenced by her being so thoroughly questioned about it!  

Her writings are a sign of hope for those of us who want to see the unborn and their mothers protected from abortion and the overturning of Roe V Wade, which was an abuse of power, legislating from the bench by the US Supreme Court in 1973.  We know she does acknowledge the basic SCIENCE that life begins at conception and she holds true in her heart to her Faith, which brings about clarity of mind and stability of action.  

Now we pray for a reasonable argument to be presented before the US Supreme Court on the issue of Roe v Wade.  This will no doubt come quickly as the abortion lobby is likely to follow the pattern of contesting pro-life laws - including what STATE Legislatures PASS!  So ask yourself who YOU are voting for on every level!

Hopefully, the past inspiration of Justice Scalia and the current witness of Justice Thomas, both who were strong in the protection of all human life, will be a support for her following this elevation to a critical role in our nation.  


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