Surprise! This is Freedom Calling!

TODAY was a powerful day of prayer and witness for an end to abortion outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere!   We had a surprise group help us cover today in prayer!

Abby Johnson and a group from And Then There Were None (ATTWN) joined us in prayer outside of the very abortion facility that Abby was planning to work in prior to her conversion in 2009.

Way back in 2006, Planned Parenthood announced their plans to expand and open a new facility in 2008. At that time, God was working powerfully in the life of Abby Johnson as He continued to bring out people to pray outside the Planned Parenthood Satellite abortion facility in Bryan-College Station where she was director at that time.  Also pro-lifers in Houston were praying outside of the Houston Planned Parenthood (at that time located on Fannin St.), and volunteers joined Houston Coalition for Life as part of Texas Families United Against Planned Parenthood, a construction boycott against the Planned Parenthood abortion facility move and expansion.  

However, the Planned Parenthood was not able to open in 2008 for a variety of reasons including a Christian business man who was determined to remain until his office lease was up because he knew every day he stayed there became one less day that Planned Parenthood could do abortions in that building.  As a result of the boycott and the discovery that the building was going to be turned into an abortion facility, a lot of contractors backed out from Planned Parenthood's expansion project. Those who did continue to do construction found extra complications with the building including finding asbestos in the walls.  As 2009 rolled around, pro-lifers were continuing to pray for an end to abortion and the facility was no where near ready to open for Planned Parenthood business.

Then in 2009, Abby experienced a shocking experience within the abortion industry that led to her conversion! You can read her story here

Then in 2010, when the huge Planned Parenthood opened, Abby was going through the process of healing - away from the abortion giant and towards the path of opening the organization And Then There Were None (ATTWN).  ATTWN is an organization that offers practical help and spiritual healing assistance so abortion workers have an easier time quitting their work in the abortion industry and finding life affirming work!  ATTWN has already helped over 415 workers leave the abortion industry! 

Today, Abby and her Team - including people from San Antonio, Austin and Katy, TX, and with support from all over Houston, came out to the sidewalk to pray and advocate for an end to abortion! They offered resources and sidewalk counseling to the pregnant moms and help for the workers to leave the abortion industry! Houston Coalition for Life Staff and Houston prayer Volunteers were very happy they joined us once again! 

This was all after Abby and her team and the Houston Coalition for Life also prayed and offered assistance outside of  another abortion facility earlier today: Houston Women's Clinic on San Jacinto. 

Today pregnant moms were directed to life affirming help on both the Big Blue Bus outside of Planned Parenthood and on Baby Blue that was parked today outside of the Houston Women's Clinic! 

We are so glad that And Then There Were None partnered with Houston Coalition for Life today and offer both the pregnant moms and the workers options to lead them to freedom: Freedom from the entrapment of abortion and resulting complications! Freedom from an industry that is fundamentally attacking the dignity of the human person! Freedom in redemption given to us through the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Yes, we hope many women (and men) heard us today! We planted many seeds today by talking with a lot of people, handing out literature and having the resources on the two mobile CPC's available. We hope you will join us to being a physical witness to the dignity of the human person where it is so brutally denied and you too will be that light of Christ....a visual reminder: This is Freedom calling! 

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