Thank you! Concluding 40 Days for Life - Houston!

This text was taken from an email sent out Nov 5, 2020!

Thank you!

We celebrate 150 babies and their mothers who were spared from abortion during this 2020 Fall prayer campaign after visiting one of Houston Coalition for Life's mobile crisis pregnancy centers parked outside of Planned Parenthood and outside of Houston Women's Clinic!

Thank you to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston for co-sponsoring this prayer campaign outside of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston as we partnered with the International 40 Days for Life!

Thank you everyone who came to pray for an end abortion as we stood outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere! Words can not express our gratitude to the leaders of 49 groups that coordinated with their parishes, family of faith and friends and brought out prayer volunteers between Sept 23 and Nov 1, 2020!

We know that abortion is first and foremost a spiritual battle, an attack of the evil one against humanity. So we are very grateful in a particular way to the priests and pastors and religious, including Bishop Cahill and all who traveled in from the Diocese of Victoria, who took the time to come lead prayer for an end to abortion. We pray God will give you joy and wisdom as you continue to shepherd the flock God has entrusted to your care, including protection of the innocent unborn, the strengthening of the family, and the ministry of healing of the sinner who is returning to Christ.

This prayer campaign could not have been such a success without YOU!

Even while we noticed there were less people in Planned Parenthood's visitor parking lot over all, we still saw over 100 women choose life after seeing her ultrasound at the Big Blue Bus!

On the Big Blue Bus and Baby Blue combined, we we blessed to have:

266 visits from women seeking our free services

162 of the new clients had a positive pregnancy test

150 chose life, that is over 92%!

Please continue to pray for the 8 other moms and their babies.

Thank you to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston for co-sponsoring this Fall 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign in Houston as we prayed and fasted for an end to abortion!

Thank you to the International 40 Days for Life and their 587 other locations around the world!


*As of 11.24.2020, this number was updated to 757 babies whose lives were saved around the world!

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will begin in February, but there are volunteers continuing to pray in between the conclusion of this Fall Campaign and the next Campaign!  

Please make sure to have a prayer partner when you come. Bring a friend with you or coordinate with a fellow prayer partner by contacting

Please sign a Statement of Peace form by downloading it online and emailing it to your group Day Captain (the contact for your church) or send it to!  

Stay up-to-date regarding our Covid-19 policies by clicking here.

All praise and glory to God!

May God bless you for all you do in defense of the unborn and their mothers!

Theresa Camara, Program Director


To the work of Houston Coalition for Life

...ending abortion in Houston peacefully and prayerfully!

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