The Fifth Circuit handed down a deadly decision.

(This text was originally sent out via email on April 14, 2020)

When "legalese" in choosing who is allowed to end innocent lives gets complicated....

(10 Abortion facilities in Texas can't do abortion and 15 can...but only some types of abortion)

On the evening of April 13th, the Fifth Circuit did not support Texas Attorney General Paxton's Appeal and instead upheld the second Temporary Straining Order issued by Federal Judge Yeakel.  

The April 9th Temporary Retraining Order, issued against Gov Abbott's Executive Order GA 09 (read more here), allows for the Plaintiffs that filed the Appeal, to be allowed to do medical abortions (that is only for women up to 10 weeks along) and surgical abortions on on pregnant women who would be passed the legal cut off on April 22nd in Texas.  

All other abortion facilities need to follow the Executive Order and can not do abortions until after April 21st, unless of course, Gov Abbott extends the Order date.  

Since the Governor's Executive Order focused on conserving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Covid-19 patients, the abortion activists claimed there is no PPE used during a medical abortion. However, they admitted PPE is used during the ultrasound before and during a follow-up afterwards.

In a press release by Texas Alliance for Life, Dr. Pojman references a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology that explain the risks of up to 20% of women who undergo a medical abortion having complications!  

Of course, complications from abortions are not required to be reported by the abortion businesses and any hospitalization due to complications will require use of PPE. Do you think they will be required to report such complications now?

RU486 can be done on pregnant women up through 10 weeks. The farther along she is the more likely to "need" to have a surgical procedure because the baby will die from the first abortion pill and not be able to pass out of her body following the second pill that she consumes 24 to 48 hours later; if the baby's body is not expelled after she consumes the second pill, it can lead to a major life-threatening infection for the woman.

IF the woman changes her mind after consuming the first abortion pill and she herself acts quickly, there are doctors standing by with Abortion Pill Reversal Kits. She just needs to call 877-558-0333  This group has saved over 500 babies already.

As you have seen depicted in UnPlanned, a movie about Abby Johnson, RU486 is NOT just going to make the baby dissolve like making a headache go away. It is normal for the woman to experience FEVER and hemorrhaging.

Now because of legalistic rulings, there are 15 specific abortion facilities in Texas that can do medical abortions up to 10 weeks and if the April 9th TRO Plaintiff was an Ambulatory Surgical Center, they can also do the abortions when the baby is about 19 weeks old. To complicate things, it appears that these facilities were not approved for suction abortions, so the question becomes what happens if the woman "needs" to have the rest of the baby removed when the medical abortion fails?

Of course the real questions are  In a country that claims to be the "land of the free" WHY are we seeing a legal system abandon women and children to this destruction of abortion? And how is it that we have scientifically progressed to know that there is a new human life at fertilization and doctors can perform life saving treatments for babies in the womb, and yet we are seeing a regulation on how that innocent life can be put to death?!

"Political change is down stream of Cultural change."

Let us be that CULTURE CHANGE! Starting at home. Starting with the reality that all human life is precious.

God bless us all and keep us safe and healthy.

Regarding, those who are violating GA 09 "aren't out of the woods yet". They have at least one week left before Texas law returns to where it was before the Executive Order.  Many of you have asked about who specifically to contact as you realized abortion providers still had their gates open even as you were on your way to the grocery store.  You can definitely streamline pro-life reporting (preferably with pictures) straight to a pro-life group in Austin:  

At Houston Coalition for Life we are still getting emails about people praying from home, and we are still getting calls from pregnant women.

Thank you to each of our volunteers who continue to pray and be a light of hope and practical help for pregnant women during this time even while we can't be on the street because of the Stay Home Work Safe Order in Harris County. Our helpline is available!

Click here to see a video about the Big Blue Bus where over 8,700 women chose life.


are temporarily off the road.

Yet, staff are still following up with our current new moms

and our 24/7 hotline is open and ready

to direct more pregnant women

to safety, away from abortion and towards

life-affirming solutions:


Please keep all of the women we serve in your prayers!

All praise and glory to God!

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