Two laws that continue Texas PRO-LIFE precedent!

Houston Coalition for Life is delighted to share more wonderful pro-life news:

This week Gov. Abbot signed the Human Life Protection Act that protects babies from the moment of fertilization! On September 1, 2021, this is a "Trigger ban" will go into effect as soon as and to the extent that Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey are overturned!  In this same Legislative Session, Texas separately passed the Heartbeat Bill that is NOT a "Trigger ban."

This is a big deal!

The Heartbeat law can aim to make its way to the Supreme Court to challenge and overturn Roe v. Wade and the Human Life Protection Act can be ready when Roe is overturned.  Moreover while Roe v Wade is still in the process of being overturned, the “Trigger Ban” Human Life Protection Act is protected from getting stopped in court before Roe is overturned.

It also updates the law in Texas.  The overturning of Roe will not outlaw abortion, it will merely allow the abortion issue to go back to the States.  Then abortion radicals are likely to attempt to claim 1970’s law needs to be reviewed because they consider this issue as malleable with cultural change. The Human Life Protection Act solidifies Texas’ current strong prolife stance and helps protect Texas from this legal strain at the State level when Roe is overturned.  

ALSO because other sweeping laws like Roe have set a standard for the law to protect or remove protection nationwide, there is opportunity for a protection of the unborn to be put in place nation-wide rather than simply having the issue of abortion go back to the States. Potentially the wording in this new Texas law COULD be used to help make abortion totally illegal NATION WIDE from the moment of fertilization!

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