Wanting to participate in 40 Days for Life?

Following the news regarding a risk of legalized Infanticide and also last weekend’s release of the movie UNPLANNED, we have seen even more individuals who want to be apart of praying on the sidewalk outside of abortion facilities, and we are hearing more stories of people who are converting to being pro-life!

We are seeing success on the sidewalk! During the first 20 Days of this prayer campaign, we saw 107 new clients through the Houston Coalition for Life’s mobile crisis pregnancy center the Big Blue Bus, parked outside of Planned Parenthood 6 days a week.  


Of these clients, 96 had a positive pregnancy test and all 96 have chosen life! 


One of these women was pregnant with twins! 

So there have been 97 precious babies and 96 moms who chose life and not abortion!


Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far in the prayer!

If you have time to drop by today for an hour, bring a prayer partner and come pray!

For you to participate, I just need to know (1) what hour and day that you prefer to pray, (2) whether you have a prayer partner (3) please fill out the Statement of Peace and (4) please agree to the following "rules". 


You can come out to pray evenwithout letting me know via email: Theresa@houstoncoalition.com or through the calendar at 40DaysforLife.com

Please bring a prayer partner. Many volunteers bring a group from their churchfor an hour or covering the entire 12 hour day in prayer, by spreading the volunteertime out.  


There are really only "five rules" for the sidewalk:

(1) Do not park or walk on Planned Parenthood Property or any other private property.

(2) If anyone approaches you, respond with the love of Christ.

(3) If you want to hold a sign please request one of those provided by Houston Coalition.

(4) Please focus on staying in a mode of prayer while you are out there.

(5) Please sign the Statement of Peace.


If a pregnant woman has questions about abortion or about help in the community, you can always refer them to our Big Blue Bus or Baby Blue to speak with our nurses.  If you feel called to reach out to the pregnant girls, please first take the Sidewalk Counselor Training made available for free by the Houston Coalition for Life by contacting me at Theresa@houstoncoalition.com.   


On the Houston Coalition for Life website you can see more about the practical partnership offered by the Big Blue Bus, the mobile CPC (crisis pregnancy center) that offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and resources to pregnant women outside of the Planned Parenthood: http://www.houstoncoalition.com/the-big-blue-bus


**PARKING: Please parallel park along Gulf Crest or along Eleanor Tinsley Way.


It is true that "anyone" of any age can come pray on the sidewalk as they would in their room or anywhere else, yet so few actually do. And each person offers a unique prayer and unique perspective as they beg God to have mercy on this country and end abortion!  Each one witnesses to the dignity of the human life where it is so brutally denied.

Sign up today to come out for an hour to pray and see how God can use your presence to literally help save lives!

Theresa@houstoncoalition.com or 40DaysforLife.com

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