What about Adoption? 40 Days from home as Planned Parenthood sues TX!

What about loving options (like adoption)?

(Original sent via email on March 26, 2020)

  • The prayer and fasting continues for an end to abortion!
  • Planned Parenthood is selfishly suing TX over elective abortions.
  • A pregnant woman reached out to HCL regarding adoption!

Thank you for all of your prayers and fasting as we continue the 40 Days for Life from our homes during this time designated by the Stay Home, Work Safe Order in Harris County!  

We hope Texas doctors are staying healthy as they focus on saving lives. And we pray they are following the current executive order GA 09, issued on Sunday March 22nd, that all elective procedures (including abortions) should be canceled or postponed in order to free up PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) for hospitals scrambling to get supplies to address Covid-19.  

If abortions are NOT occurring in Texas right now,

an average of 149* babies and their moms are saved from abortions EVERY DAY!

(*This number is based on the 2016 Texas Vital statistics divided by 365 days)

[God never lets prayer be wasted!]

Now Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups are selfishly suing the State of Texas as they continue to spin the false narrative claiming abortion to be essential. As stated in a letter by 5 Medical groups representing 30,000 physicians (here) abortion is not essential. Pregnancy is NOT a disease!

However, true to form, Planned Parenthood and those who promote abortion don't actually care that people are at risk of dying from Covid-19.  They would rather tie up supplies and State funds and continue to put women's lives at risk not only because of abortion itself, but because of the risk of exposing them to Covid-19. Read more about this in our other email today!  

Fortunately, pregnant women are still reaching out to Houston Coalition for Life and seeking out life-affirming aid during this time.  We were contacted by a young woman this week who wanted to learn more about adoption and so we put her in touch with adoption resources in the area.  Please keep her and her little one in your prayer at this time!  

Many women overlook the option of picking out a loving family for their child. In one of the most brave and selfless acts a mother can do, they give their baby life and a chance to grow in an environment that they recognize they themselves can't provide.  

So many people hear terrible stories of the foster care system because the parents didn't look at adoption while the baby was still in utero. Preparing an adoption plan after the child is born is so much more complicated, and going through foster care is hard for a child.

It is very important that the pregnant mother really look at her options and be honest with herself so that she can make the best decision for her child's future.  

Both parenting and adoption are options that both mother and child can live with.

Always remember that you can pass along this coupon if you know someone who needs assistance as they face a crisis pregnancy! We are only closed for a short time, and they can call us immediately.

Feb 26 - April 5, 2020

YOU can sign up to pray for an end to abortion on our vigil website or by emailing clare@houstoncoalition.com and specifically let us know any insightful thoughts you have or prayers you are praying from home by contacting Theresa@houstoncoalition.com

THE BIG BLUE BUS & BABY BLUE are temporarily off the road.

Yet, staff are still following up with our current new moms and our 24/7 hotline is open and ready to direct more pregnant women to safety, away from abortion and towards life-affirming solutions:


Please keep all of the women we serve in your prayers!

All praise and glory to God!

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