A Sidewalk Counselor brings the hope of Christ

to the place without hope, the abortion facility

Sidewalk Couseling is a powerful ministry that provides help and hope to women in crisis pregnancies.  Through Our Sidewalk Counseling Training you will learn how to peacefully approach women who turn to abortion facilities for "help" and how to offer them life affirming assistance for both mother and her preborn baby. Sidewalk Counselors meet women as a last line of defense before they enter the abortion facility.

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Sidewalk Counselors have a unique partner in our Mobile Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers that are available to offer free pregnancy test and free ultrasounds.   More than 13,423 women have chosen life after receiving an ultrasound on one of our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers, and many were directed there by a sidewalk counselor.Becoming a Sidewalk Counselor with Houston Coalition for Life includes training and signing a statement of peace.To learn more about how you can become a sidewalk counselor please contact flor@houstoncoalition.com or call 713-395-1330.

What is Sidewalk Counseling?

Being there as a witness to the dignity of the unborn child at the place where that dignity is most brutally denied: the abortion facility.
Being there to offer help and alternatives at the last possible moment before the mother and unborn child meet the abortionist.

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Why do we Sidewalk Counsel?

...because abortion kills a child
...because abortion hurts mothers and families
...because abortion hurts our society as a whole
....because the life-affirming, one-on-one interaction,
is effective in helping women choose life

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Sincere desire to care for both the mother and the unborn child.
The ability to reach out in a kind, loving and
non-judgmental way.
Attend a free 2-hour training session.
Partner with a trained Sidewalk Counselor.

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