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Thanks be to God, on June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. This decision set into place a trigger law, that went into effect August 25, 2022, making abortion illegal in Texas. While there is now legal protection in our state, unfortunately, women are continuing to find themselves in crisis pregnancies. Houston Coalition for Life is committed to saving them and their unborn babies from the horror of abortion.

Currently two former abortion facilities remain open in Houston including the largest Planned Parenthood in the Western Hemisphere. They continue to refer women out of state for their abortion, as well as offer follow up abortion “care”.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities continue to devalue the dignity of human life by offering transgender hormone therapy and birth control for minors, further encouraging a culture of abortion.

From the beginning, Stand & Pray has been a cornerstone of our ministry. It consists of standing outside of an abortion facility and peacefully praying for the women seeking abortion, for their unborn babies, and for the conversion of abortion workers. We know prayer works because two of Houston's busiest abortion facilities closed where we had consistent ongoing prayer vigils! Thanks be to God!

Houston Coalition for Life has a weekly prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood on I45 every Wednesday morning from 9am - 10am and a prayer vigil in front of Houston Women's Reproductive Services on Fridays from 9am - 10am. We welcome you to join us as we continue to pray for the end to abortion. If you plan to come out, please email a
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2023 Fall 40 Days for Life!
September 27 - November 5

The most vulnerable among us are innocent, defenseless unborn human beings. These babies have no voice. Their pain, their anguish and their cries are silent. They depend on us to speak up. They depend on us to act in defense of their lives.

Even though Roe has been overturned and abortion in Texas is illegal, women continue to find themselves in crisis pregnancies and still turn to abortion facilities. The largest Planned Parenthood in the Western Hemisphere on I45 is still open referring women out of state for their abortions.

Houston Coalition for Life has partnered with 40 Days for Life since the beginning and coordinates the largest campaign in the country. More than 100 churches throughout Houston and thousands of individuals have had a profound impact on innocent, unborn babies and their moms being saved from the devastation of abortion.

God has used 40 days throughout salvation history to transform people. It is a special time to unite with people across ths country and pray for an end to the horror and injustice of abortion. If you would like to sign up for vigil hours please click here.

We know that Stand & Pray works to end abortion in Houston because of these facts:

  1. 1. Prayer works.
  2. 2. Stand & Pray brings attention to the injustice of abortion and the agenda of Planned Parenthood. When Christians begin to consistently Stand & Pray, the public soon realizes that what is happening inside of that building is not OK.
  3. 3. Planned Parenthood's employees like to think that the community supports what they do. If nobody is present to object to their deadly agenda, they can rationalize their practice. The prayerful presence forces them to realize every day that the community is overwhelmingly opposed to their agenda.
  4. 4. People do not want to receive their healthcare from a place that is controversial. A consistent presence in prayer outside Planned Parenthood will increase the dissatisfaction rate among its clientele making it difficult to maintain customers.
  5. 5. Babies are saved from abortion when people Stand & Pray at Planned Parenthood!
  6. 6. Abortion workers have left the abortion industry when they see pro-lifers as a safety net of hope for when they quit! Many become actively pro-life (like Abby Johnson who was planning to work at Planned Parenthood in Houston)! 
  7. 7. Hearts are converted! The mothers and fathers of unborn children often have a conversion of heart when they see people praying at abortion facilities.

5 Key Reasons To Come Pray Outside of the Abortion Facilities:

  • 1. More than 60% of women who seek abortions are Christian. Your calm, silent prayerful stance shows her that God cares about her and her situation.
  • 2. Many women feel trapped and alone.  If you are standing there, she knows people care and she can come to you for help. Also, you can direct her to the Big Blue Bus for assistance.
  • 3. We stand up for the preborn. We show up for them, spiritually adopting them.
  • 4. We are a witness to abortion facility workers.  We stand, non-confrontational and not condemning, but simply and honestly as a witness to the dignity of every human life which is created in the image and likeness of God.  If an aboriton worker seeks a way out, Houston Coalition for Life can direct them to And Then There Were None, an organization that helps those in the abortion industry find a way out.
  • 5. We open up ourselves to God, fulfilling all the spiritual works of mercy.  God uses this time to strengthen us and give us a sense of trust and peace that we cannot experience anywhere else.
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